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Chapter 585: Surprises Waiting for You

She had taken out her first prey, so she was off to a good start.

For Yun Xi, it was the best encouragement she could have had.

Lying in the bushes up at the commanding high ground, Yun Xi looked for all the prey lying in ambush through the scope.

As she had run to the commanding high ground of the mountain, the prey lurking in the woods had begun to slowly move and change their positions to avoid being found and taken out by her.

It was a normal tactical strategy, but Yun Xi took this opportunity to quickly fire three shots.

She then took out two more of the moving prey.

Before the prey started to counterattack, everything was to her advantage.

After taking out three prey, she could see no more movement in the forest.

Yun Xi didnt dare to delay.

She quickly moved down from the commanding high ground and decided to change her position.

She didnt know how big Zone D was.

She was lucky that she had been able to kill three prey from one place.

The remaining prey must be far away from this place, so she could no longer waste too much time here waiting for nothing.

Watching the surveillance video, Mu Chongli looked at Yun Xi, whose marksmanship wasnt that good.

Then he looked at the three prey that she had killed within an hour.

This achievement wasnt that impressive, but it was enough to surprise him.

From her speed of reaction to her marksmanship, although she hadnt been rigorously trained, it could be seen that she had potential.

He suddenly felt a little relieved.

Mu Feichis taste wasnt too bad.

This little girl was worth looking forward to.

Coming out of the forest, Yun Xi saw an army green vehicle parked on a forest trail not too far away.

She was a little surprised and ran over quickly while holding her gun.

Hearing movement, Special Assistant Lin turned his head and lifted the sunglasses that were resting on the bridge of his nose.

The man had a fierce masculine vibe.

“Special Assistant…Lin Why are you here”

Upon seeing him, Yun Xi was a little surprised.

Hadnt he just left her here Why was he back again

“Youre a hunter now, so you should be provided with all the equipment necessary, and this car is part of that equipment.

Since you cant drive, I have come over to be the driver for you.

I can take you where you want to go without violating the rules of the game.”

Yun Xi glanced around and pointed in the direction of a chimney in the distance.

Then she said, “Go to that chimney.

It seems like a good place to hunt.”


Get in the car!” Lin Xiao leaned over and opened the car door.

Yun Xi quickly jumped into the back seat, and, with her back to Special Assistant Lin, she observed the surrounding environment.

The open-top vehicle was bumping along the road on the way up the mountain, but she didnt dare to relax.

Lin Xiao turned his head and glanced at her.

He was quite curious about this little girl.

After all, any little girl who could make Young Marshal Mu of the Mu clan break into the command room without hesitation, and also make him stand up against his father, obviously had an important place in Young Marshal Mus heart.

And now, just after eliminating the three prey in the woods, she didnt wait and waste time there, nor did she greedily continue to pursue them.

Instead, shed decided to quickly shift her position to gain time for herself and to find more prey.

What a courageous little girl.

“Miss Yun, I will wait nearby when we get to the spot where you want to search later.”

“Thank you.” Yun Xi answered.

Seeming to have thought of something, she turned to look at Lin Xiao, “Special Assistant Lin, what sort of place is Zone D Why did you stop talking in front of your Master before”

“Um…” Lin Xiao didnt seem to expect that she would ask this question, and he considered it for a moment before speaking.

“Zone D is a complex training area.

Those who are sent out here are the creme de la creme.

Their marksmanship and various other skills are top-notch.

Your hunting today has just begun, so there are many surprises waiting for you.”

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