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Chapter 586: Gone All Out

I guess what Special Assistant Lin meant was that what had just taken place in the forest before was only the appetizer before the meal.

She had taken out three prey so quickly.

Maybe it had all been because of sheer luck.

In the remaining places, she might not be so lucky.

By midnight this evening, she might not have been able to take out all of the remaining prey.

Those who went to Zone D were all the creme de la creme, so the easy elimination that she had just accomplished had probably been due to dumb luck.

The real challenge only begins now.

Yun Xi suddenly felt a chill at her back.

It seemed that the hunting that was coming now wouldnt be so easy.

Once the prey counterattacked, she had no idea what kind of challenge was waiting for her.

What was even more unexpected was that Lin Xiao had told her something else that almost made her faint as she got out of the car.

A pack of wolves were being raised in Zone D.

“Wolves Huh Why are there wolves being raised here Isnt this your training area”

Wolves usually didnt appear in crowded places unless they were put there by someone.

However, raising a pack of wolves for training purposes was too cruel.

“According to the bosss words, jungle training entails various sudden accidents.

If you encounter wolves, but are unable to defend against them, then you cant be qualified as bodyguards.


Yun Xi nodded.

She understood.

Both father and son were equally perverted!

Mu Feichi had raised a pack of wolves in the woods of Muyang Town and had even had a special veterinarian stationed there.

So Mu Chongli also raised a group of wolves in the training area.

The difference was that one was to defend against an enemy and the other was to train soldiers.

In order to train her and to test her abilities, Mu Chongli had really gone all out.

Mu Feichi wasnt here, so no one could help her now.

She could only rely on herself.

She felt more calm now.

She still had a lot of things to complete in her life, so she couldnt afford to fail here.

In order to save her life, she could only give it a go.

“Special Assistant Lin, you wait out of sight.

What if the prey sees you and doesnt come over there”

Yun Xi touched the gun, which felt just right in her hand, and wrapped strips of camouflage cut from the coat shed taken around the scope to prevent the scope from revealing her position when reflected by the sun.

“I dont participate in the hunting activity.

If youre worried that I will expose your position here, then I will drive the car farther away.”

Lin Xiao took a wireless headset and handed it to her.

“This is a contact device.

You only need to tell me when you need the car.

I can locate your whereabouts and pick you up.

Zone D is very large.

By relying on your two legs alone, you wont be able to walk even halfway through it by midnight tonight.”

“Okay! Thank you so much.” After receiving the headset, Yun Xi quickly stuck it in her ear.

She had seen these things before.

As a person reborn from the future, she knew how to use it better than he did.

Lin Xiao remarked to himself that she didnt even ask how to use it and put it in her ear directly.

Her proficient movements even gave her a carefree and nonchalant vibe, which really made him stop to look at her with admiration.

The car stopped outside an abandoned cement factory.

There were several tall chimneys around, so it was a good ambush point.

However, she didnt plan to choose that place.

Although it was a good point of elimination, the prey would inevitably avoid that place.

She wanted to ambush them while they were avoiding the elimination point, and then take out all the prey that was avoiding this area, one by one.

After getting out of the car, Yun Xi hugged the gun, lowered her body, ran by the edge of a overgrown wall, and stepped into the cement factory.

Through his sunglasses, Lin Xiao looked at the figure who had just walked into the abandoned factory building.

Although he hadnt been trained yet, her speed wasnt slow.

It seems as if there was going to be a good show tonight.

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