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Chapter 587: No Chance of Winning

As he thought about this, the communication device in the car rang.

Lin Xiao picked it up, and a report from his subordinate came over from the other end, “Special Assistant Lin, I just received the news that Young Marshal Mu is on his way back.”

“Got it!” After hanging up the communication device, Lin Xiao stroked the bridge of his nose, put his sunglasses back on, and turned his head and glanced at the abandoned factory building with his thin lips pursed.

For Young Marshal Mu to return, even if he took a helicopter, the fastest time he could make it would be in four hours.

It was already past 3:00 oclock in the afternoon, so when Young Marshal Mu got back, it would already be dark.

At night, the darkness was more conducive to hiding, so it would be a huge test for her.

Moreover, the temperature in the forest area would drop sharply, and, with the small amount of clothes that she was wearing, hunting in such cold temperatures wasnt going to be an easy task.

The most important thing was that if the pack of wolves came out at night, it would undoubtedly worsen the situation for this girl.

Entering the abandoned cement factory, Yun Xi pressed her back against the wall as she eased into the factory.

Under cover of the abandoned machinery in the factory building, she quickly walked up the stairs to its highest level.

Behind the discarded instruments, she lay on the ground and lowered her body into a position that made it easy to aim her gun.

With her appearance, the prey hidden around the abandoned factory also began to move.

They slowly moved to change their positions to prevent being taken out by her.

Yun Xis hearing wasnt bad, and, as soon as she was ready, she heard a faint noise.

Through the scope, she glanced around carefully and saw a shadow slowly moving behind a barrier at the 9:00 oclock position.

Pulling the trigger, she aimed at the moving shadow and fired two shots in quick succession.

The first shot hit the wall, and the second shot hit the moving figure in front of her.

After being hit, the prey stood up, annoyed, and glared in Yun Xis hidden direction with frustration.

Yun Xi didnt dare to stay put.

Although the prey couldnt counterattack now, they now knew her location and would definitely move their positions to ensure the safety of their hidden positions.

She wasnt stupid enough to stay in this original position.

It really wouldnt be a wise move.

Then a fourth was taken out, followed by a fifth…

For the fifth, she saw the hidden position of the opponent reflected in a glass window, so she fired three shots before hitting it.

Her marksmanship was really bad, and Yun Xi was helpless to do anything about it.

Still, being able to hit five opponents was already pretty good for her.

After hearing her gun, all the prey lurking around the abandoned factory building evacuated.

Two prey acted as bait to cover for their comrades so that they could escape.

As she took them out, the other hidden prey took the opportunity to leave.

Yun Xi patrolled for a while and listened silently for a while.

Only after making sure that there was no one still here did she get up and quickly get out of there.

Although shed chosen to be a hunter and had 12 hours to destroy freely, this situation still felt very passive to her.

There was no other reason for feeling passive besides the fact that she was just a rookie who knew nothing at all about what was around her.

These were bodyguards who had undergone intensive learning.

She wanted to beat them, but she knew she had no chance of winning.

Whenever she thought about how she wasnt strong enough, she had an indescribable sense of inferiority.

She was so weak.

If she encountered an attack, her current ability wasnt enough to protect even herself, let alone be qualified to stand beside Mu Feichi.

After being kidnapped twice, Mu Feichi had promised to teach her lifesaving skills when she came back, but, in the end, he was still too protective of her.

With him like this, she had no way to become stronger, and she couldnt learn anything at all.

Mu Chongli hadnt done this to train her, but to make her see the difference between herself and the really strong people.

Thinking about all of this, she felt a deep sense of despondency.

She wasnt willing to give up.

She didnt want to give up at this time.

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