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Chapter 588: Used Him as Bait

Because she didnt know how many prey there were, Yun Xi didnt dare to let her guard down for even a moment.

After coming out of the abandoned factory building, she didnt call Special Assistant Lin for help.

She raised her head and glanced at the sun which was starting to set in the distance, and then she tightened her nerves.

As soon as it got dark, her sight was going to deteriorate.

Soon, it was going to be even more difficult for her to kill the prey.

Then, when the prey counterattacked, she would become their target.

Not sure what her next goal should be, she glanced around.

Her gaze finally settled on a towering chimney.

Gritting her teeth, she ran toward the chimney as fast as she could.

The position of the chimney was relatively high up, and its field of view was wide.

She could see clearly in which direction she should go next.

It took a lot of effort for her to climb to the highest point of the chimney, lie down on its iron railing, and look around through the scope.

She probably shouldnt stay in the forest at night.

She had no idea when the pack of wolves might suddenly come out to attack her.

She checked all the equipment that she had at this time.

After determining the direction and location she wanted to go, she didnt dare to delay for a moment longer.

She climbed down the chimney again.

She didnt want to stay in the forest at night, but that didnt mean she couldnt draw her prey out.

As long as she enters an annihilation location, the prey will move to annihilation positions, and her only chance at that time was when they changed positions.

As long as they lay dormant, she would be in a passive situation.

As long as they moved, she had a chance!

And right now, there was a good bait.

She looked down at the headset that she was holding in her hand, and, after telling an address to Lin Xiao on the other end of the headset, she hung the headset on a branch and rushed into the forest quickly.

Several hundred yards near the mountain road were some barriers.

As long as Special Assistant Lin comes here, he will alarm the prey in the forest.

If the prey thinks that the hunter is coming, those who feel alarmed or feel that their hiding place is too close will move their positions.

As long as they move, the rest will be much easier to do.

Yun Xi entered the forest and realized that the forest was way too big for her to find her way easily!

Had it not been for the compass on her wrist, she might have lost her way in this forest.

The dense, vast forest was a good hiding place.

It seemed that she was going to spend the night with prey tonight.

After patrolling around for a bit, she found a hidden high ground.

Not daring to alarm the prey in the forest, she climbed up the low slope by walking in a stream.

After so much running back and forth, much of her physical strength was exhausted, and the sky was gradually darkening now.

Although the prey was dormant until midnight tonight, the appearance of her bait, Special Assistant Lin, had alarmed many of the prey.

At this time, Yun Xi was up on the commanding high ground and was about to destroy some prey.

Lin Xiao drove the car toward the forest looking for the destination on the locator.

However, when he walked in, he didnt see Yun Xi.

He looked around, pushed open the door, and got out of the car.

As he approached the position of the headset according to the directions on the locator, hed actually walked for a while before finding the headset hanging on a tree branch.

That girl wasnt anywhere to be seen in the dense bushes.

Looking at the headset hanging on the branch, Lin Xiao realized that he was being used as bait.

He didnt know how to react for a while.

That little girl was too brazen.

Hed kindly come over to be her driver, but she had used him as bait to lure her prey out.

Wasnt she worried that he might drive away in anger After dark, she was going to have to stay alone in this god-forsaken place.

Very well… He also wanted to see how capable she was.

This time, the boss had sent 20 elites out to serve as prey, so it was basically one against 20.

Five of them had been taken out now, so 15 were left.

The forest was the best place to hide.

Most of the 15 were in the forest.

Whether she could find the prey or not depended on her abilities.

Moreover, after nightfall, the forest would be the most dangerous place.

What she had to face was not only prey, but also dangerous wolves.

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