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Chapter 589: The Last Killer

The sound of gunshots reverberated in the quiet woods.

The three prey that had rushed to hide because of Lin Xiaos arrival had been eliminated by Yun Xi.

What shocked Lin Xiao even more was that he also had suffered a gunshot.

Seeing the puffing smoke rising from his casual attire, Lin Xiao looked in the direction the shot had come from, dumbfounded.

However, a small glimmer of appreciation flashed through his eyes.

Good! The girl had taken him for a prey and tried to wipe him out.

She had no conscience.

He had to admire her cleverness.

Because he was also one of the prey.

If she didnt kill him, then even if she killed all the other predators in the forest, he would be the last killer that remained.

And then he also would have the opportunity to destroy her.

Instead of killing him when she left the factory building, she had chosen the forest instead.

That meant that shed intended to stay here and didnt need him as a driver anymore.

Knowing Young Marshal Mus temperament, he would definitely rush over here as fast as possible.

After dark, the forest would be full of unlimited possibilities and surprises.

Lin Xiao chuckled lightly, turned, excited to watch the show tonight, and walked back to the vehicle.

After using Lin Xiao as the bait to successfully kill three prey, Yun Xi wasnt able to find other prey in the forest.

Furthermore, shed just stepped on a landmine.

Speechless, Yun Xi lowered her head and glanced at the landmine.

Was this just a test She didnt believe that she really couldnt get out of this area.

After identifying the model of the mine, she lowered her head and, not daring to breathe, began to squat down slowly.

She put down her bag, took out her parachute knife and some other equipment, and started to dig around the mine in the layers of soil.

The temperature had dropped sharply after sunset, but she soon broke out in a cold sweat from the exertion.

When the wind blew, she shivered.

It took a lot of effort to clear the landmine.

Fearing that others might step on it, she glanced around and cut an enormous branch to block off the area.

After confirming that nobody else would step on it by mistake, she quickly left the area and found a more sheltered, hidden place to stay in for the night.

The sky had gotten completely dark, and the darkness made it difficult for her to judge the directions, and for this reason it also increased the difficulty of eliminating her targets.

After setting up the gun, through the green vision of the scope, she looked around the forest through her night-vision goggles, and began to try to locate any prey.

It was a pity that her marksmanship really wasnt very good.

She soon discovered two moving prey.

Although the night-vision goggles were handy for distinguishing the direction of the prey, her shooting attempts failed again and again.

She fired several shots in a row but her opponent managed to escape each time.

Her opponent moved very fast, making it difficult for her to even be able to aim.

Seeing the prey escape over and over, Yun Xi got upset and gradually lost her patience.

Next time, as soon as she saw the prey in the scope, she sprinted over, with the parachute knife in her hand glowing coldly in the night.

Just as the prey was shifting positions, she rushed toward him from the higher terrain.

The prey reacted quickly.

He blocked the knife in her hand.

The two immediately lurched themselves at each other, scrambling into a ball.

Yun Xi swiftly kicked him on the knee, then jumped quickly away.

The prey was surprised at the speed of her reactions.

Yun Xis wrist turned, the knife in her hand already on the neck of the prey.

The prey obeyed the rules that he couldnt counterattack during the first 12 hours.

Her hand on her gun, which was at her waist, slowly relaxed.

“Touche!” Putting away her knife, Yun Xi glanced at the prey.

The prey nodded, and then he chuckled, teasing her, “Your reaction speed is good, but…your marksmanship is really terrible.”

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