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Chapter 59: Why Didnt You Let Her Die

Yun Yuanfeng glanced at Yun Xis vintage long dress with the slanted collar.

It was starkly different from the fashionable clothes that Yun Ziling and Yun Chuhan wore.

The tender, light yellow color was crisp and bright.

An elbow-length, tulle, vintage, Chinese-style dress with frog buttons was paired with a long, white skirt.

The exquisite, Chinese-style tailoring preserved the natural and fluid lines, so it was vintage yet very charming.

The single color wasnt embellished with any patterns, so it was elegant and flowy.

Paired with her obedient and bare face, she appeared quiet with a sense of calm demure.

When Yun Yuanfeng looked at her, he realized that the eldest daughter hed never paid any attention to had somehow developed the elegance of an heiress from an esteemed family.

However, her clothing didnt look like the brand name clothes that all the modern girls liked to wear.

Having just returned from the countryside, she could slowly learn about fashion if she didnt yet understand it.

After all, she had two younger sisters at home who understood fashion.

Yun Yuanfeng had always cared about his face and had hoped she would climb up the social ladder, so such provisions were also essential.

“Ziling, dont you have some new clothes that youve never worn before Have your sister try them on.

I dont want the Chens to think that our family is not being good to your sister.”

“What!” Yun Zilings face instantly turned red when she heard this.

“Why should I Doesnt she know how to go buy her own clothes to wear! Why does she need to wear mine”

She had begged her mom for a long time before shed finally bought those two brand name dresses for her, which were 1,000 RMB each!

Shed been saving them to wear when school started and at her birthday party, but her dad actually wanted her to let this wretched girl wear them! Why should she!

“Why should you Shes your sister!”

“As if I want this star of death as my sister! Shes stealing my things as soon as she comes home! Shed be better off staying in the countryside and never coming back!”

“You need to shut your mouth!” With a slam, Yun Yuanfeng slapped the chopsticks hard onto the dining table.

Yun Zilings immaturity completely enraged Yun Yuanfeng.

Liang Xiuqin couldnt stand seeing Yun Ziling suffering, so she grabbed her husband.

“What are you doing Youve scared our child! Dont you know that her heart is weak! What if you scared her into getting sick again”

Yun Ziling heard her mom mention it, so she immediately cooperated by pretending to be aggrieved and weak.

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Ziling, then looked at the disdainful looking Yun Chuhan.

It appeared that the two sisters didnt get along that well either.

Very good.

This would save her some efforts.

“Shes been spoiled rotten by you and acts like a little princess! Why cant you give your things to your own sister! If she marries into the Jiang family in the future, you may even need to rely on her to help you out!”

Yun Chuhan curled her lips into a sneer as she coolly watched the drama.

As Yun Ziligns younger sister whod lived with her for over ten years, she had also yet to see Yun Ziling give anything to her.

Yun Chuhan felt fortunate enough that her things hadnt been stolen away instead!

Under the table, Yun Ziling balled her hands into tight fists and cast a poisonous glare at Yun Xi.

She bit her lip hard.

“Who even wants her help! Its not like I cant get married myself!”

Yun Ziling felt especially aggravated whenever her heart condition was mentioned.

It was because of this illness that her dreams of marrying into a wealthy family were mostly extinguished.

No wealthy family would accept a daughter-in-law with a heart condition.

If she were to pass the hereditary condition to the child or had difficulty giving birth, even her own survival would be doubtful!

Wealthy families valued male heirs over anything else.

If she couldnt fulfill this task, then she wouldnt be able to cross into the familys threshold at all!

Yun Ziling became more frightened at the thought of this and also grew more aggrieved!

Her future path was completely hazy.

It was already unlikely she could claim the marriage into the Jiang family since Yun Xi wouldnt give the marriage up for her!

The beautiful dream her mom had once crafted for her, her beautiful dream of marrying into a wealthy family, her dream of rising up in status—all were extinguished thanks to Yun Xis return!

No! She didnt want to die alone!

She needed to marry well and shove Yun Xi down!

She jerked her head up, her poisonous eyes directly pointing toward Yun Xi.

With gritted teeth, her fingertips were pale, and she was so livid her entire body shook.

“Its all her fault! She was the one to curse my brother to death, and she even cursed me into having his illness! Why did you have to give birth to her Why didnt you let her die! Letting her stay is a curse! Shell curse our entire family!”

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