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Chapter 591: Take Them on Himself

After learning about the total number of prey in the entire Zone D from Ye Ning, Yun Xi counted how many prey she had killed so far.

She figured that there had been 11.

It had taken her half a day to kill a little bit less than half of them, and there was no chance of getting all the rest in the remaining few hours.

Since she had no chance of winning, she didnt plan to hunt again.

She found a flat place to sit down and gathered wood to make a fire.

Ye Ning walked to the side of Lin Xiaos car, knocked on the window, pointed at the figure sitting down in the open space, and said, “I understand now why Young Marshal Mu has chosen this one.

She really is a very special girl.”

Lin Xiao played with his headset in his hands and smiled helplessly, “This girl dared to use me as bait.

She is courageous and clever.

At the end of the day, will the boss give in”

“I dont think so.” Ye Ning took a package of dry food out of the car and smiled mysteriously.

“If Young Marshal Mu comes here, theres going to be a good show.”

With Young Marshal Mus temperament, he definitely wouldnt want his woman to take risks.

The father and son would probably quarrel again.

“Why do you look so gleeful”

“For now, the girls current ability isnt worthy of Young Marshal Mu.

But if the wolves come out and she can win, perhaps the boss will look at her with admiration.

But if Young Marshal Mu comes, he definitely wont let that girl get hurt even a little bit.

Then, all the bosss hard efforts will have been in vain.

I want to see what else this girl can do.”

“Tsk tsk, an outwardly kind but inwardly cruel person like you is the scariest of all.

Whoever said that you were gentle and soft was simply blind.”

“Im not to blame because God give me the face of a saint.

My parents gave it to me, and I couldnt refuse it.”

“Would you like to make a gamble” Lin Xiao turned his head to look at the figure who had already made the fire and was warming up comfortably.

His dark eyes became gloomy.

“What are we betting on” Ye Ning also raised an eyebrow and looked at the little girl not far away.

Lin Xiao narrowed his eyes and said, “I bet that even if Young Marshal Mu gets here, she will continue on her own.”

Ye Ning firmly believed that he knew Young Marshal Mu, so he said, “Then I bet that when Young Marshal Mu gets here, Young Marshal Mu will take them on himself.”

“Okay! Whoever loses will wash stinky socks for a month.”

“Its a promise.

Dont go back on your word then.”

In the helicopter, Mu Feichi watched the video made by Li Zilan.

His little rascal hadnt disappointed him.

Shed eliminated nine prey.

The remaining prey were all very difficult.

However, then she saw through Lin Xiaos identity and killed him, the killer, which was surprising enough.

Lin Xiao and Ye Ning had both set themselves up as bait.

What theyd wanted to test for was her perceptive reaction.

Yun Xi had seen through Mu Chonglis scheme with a glance, and, in such a short time, shed eliminated the ultimate killer, which was a diss to him.

He watched the flight itinerary.

It would take them about another half an hour to get to Zone D.

Lin Xiao and Ye Ning were there nearby.

If she really encountered wolves, that girl wouldnt be unable to deal with it.

But he hadnt expected that exactly what he was worried about was going to happen so soon.

Just as he was thinking about it, the roar of wolves came from the surveillance video.

In the surveillance video, the three of them, Yun Xi, Ye Ning, and Lin Xiao, who were sitting around the fire, stood up quickly, clasped their guns, and surveyed their surroundings vigilantly.

“D*mn it!” Mu Feichi cursed in a low voice, raised his head, and told the pilot in the cockpit to speed it up.

Thinking about how that girl would face the attack of wolves, he couldnt calm down for even a moment.

This group of wolves raised by Mu Chongli wasnt like the wolf group hed raised in the woods.

His group of wolves could obey Great Whites orders and had even received special training.

The wolves in Zone D were completely wild wolves.

Once you encountered them, you would definitely have to fight to the death with them.

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