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Chapter 592: Look at This Girl with Admiration

The howling of wolves resounded throughout the quiet woods.

The ambiance in the dark night became eerie and scary.

Standing in the open space of the forest, Yun Xi scanned the dark surroundings vigilantly and clenched the gun in her hands tightly with both hands.

Lin Xiao and Ye Ning also stood up and looked around, with their backs to the flames.

Ye Ning loaded his gun carelessly and reminded Yun Xi with a half-hearted smile, “Girl, according to the rules of the game, were dead.

If the wolves attack, we cant help you out.”

“Are you guys really going to stand by as I fall”

Yun Xi turned and glanced at the two of them.

Seeing that they shrugged and looked helpless, she knew that she had to fight alone.

She hadnt expected them to help.

This was her battlefield.

If she couldnt get out, she would be unqualified to stand beside Mu Feichi.

It might even be impossible for her to go to Tianyu Mountain to train in the future.

And, even she would dislike herself for not being strong enough.

“Well then! You two can go hide in the car.

I dont want you guys to get in the way here and drag me down.”

“…” Dumbfounded, Lin Xiao and Ye Ning glanced at each other.

Had they been rejected by a little girl because they werent going to help

The two of them couldnt help, so they sheepishly went back to the car to watch the show.

The car was on the nearby mountain road.

The terrain there was low.

From where they were sitting in the car, they could see the situation at a glance.

Lin Xiao sat in the back of the car, lowered his head, and loaded the gun in his hands.

“Why do I feel as if Im running away”

Ye Ning looked at the vigilant little girl standing next to the fire.

The firelight lit up her stubborn little face.

She had such an uncompromising appearance, as if she was full of vigorous vitality.

Her spirit was very infectious.

“Our duty is to obey orders.

We cant violate the rules of the game unless its for a last resort.”

Lin Xiao sighed.

“Im worried that if anything happens to this girl, Young Marshal Mu will have a tremendous fight with the boss.”

“Since the boss has decided to do this, he is ready to confront Young Marshal Mu.

Actually, Im also very curious about how this girl has attracted Young Marshal Mu.

She is indeed very smart, but she isnt strong enough.

In the Mu Group, there are plenty of women who are more suitable for Young Marshal Mu.”

Lin Xiao glanced at Ye Ning.

He had just returned from studying abroad and had no idea about what had been going on in the Mu family.

“The operation on Mrs.

Si was allegedly performed by this girl and Professor Joseph.”

“It was her” Only then did Ye Ning react.

Hed heard about that when hed returned to China.

Out of secrecy, not many people knew about this, and he hadnt asked too much.

Hed never expected it to be this little girl.

“Her identity has been kept very secret.

She is both betrothed to the Jiang family and the savior of Mr.


Even the Han family owes her a favor, and the Su family is also apprehensive of her.

This little girl has four prominent families wrapped around her finger, so how could she not be special”

“After listening to everything youve said, I have to look at this girl with admiration.”

Ye Ning hadnt been optimistic about this girl at first and hadnt even understood why Chongli had worked so hard to evaluate her.

Even if she were the candidate for the Madam of the Mu family in the future, this battle was a bit too cruel.

That was until hed heard that Young Marshal Mu was on the way back.

Then, he knew that this girl had a special place in Young Marshal Mus heart.

“The woman Young Marshal Mu loves must have something special about her.”

Lin Xiao raised his head and listened carefully to the howling wolves approaching.

He felt worried for the little girl who was fighting alone.

Wolves were the core of this assessment.

Although cruel, this test would definitely hone a persons courage and reaction speed the best.

Assessing the time, he estimated that Young Marshal Mu would be here soon also.

Tonights great show had officially started.

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