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Chapter 596: Young Marshal Mu, This Is My Battlefield!

Tightening the rope with both hands, Yun Xi shimmied down the trunk at a right angle, pulling on the rope slowly while descending the tree.

“Young Marshal Mu, this is my battlefield!”

No one could walk her path but her.

The weight of her body pulled the rope tight.

It caused Mu Feichi, who had been about to break free, to be tied tightly to the trunk once again.

Before her feet touched the ground, Yun Xi got into a standing position with the rope in one hand.

When she landed she moved closer to the wolves, and when she was about ten yards away, she quickly turned and fired the gun several times.

Bullets flew through the air, leaving a powerful smell of gunpowder.

The success rate of close-range shooting was high, although the risk was also great.

A wolf could have torn her to pieces with a single jump.

She didnt dare a seconds delay.

She pulled on the end of the rope and quickly wrapped it around a branch next to her.

Then she drew out her knife to confront the enemy.

Two wolves died in fast succession.

The wolf pack had been stimulated by the sound of the gunshots.

They rushed toward Yun Xi fiercely and aggressively.

The wolves were fast and fierce.

Tied to a tree, Mu Feichi tilted his head and looked at the figure fighting a wolf pack under the tree all alone and was almost driven crazy by her reckless behavior.

“Yun Xi, you get back here to me!”

Staring at the figure fighting with the wolves under the tree, his eyes became bloodshot.

For a moment, he felt that he was really going crazy because of her.

If he had never had her, he wouldnt have been so afraid of losing her.

But now that hed become completely infatuated with her, this kind of scene made him crazy.

He couldnt accept the idea of losing her.

The surveillance camera in the treetops flashed, and Mu Feichi turned his head sullenly.

His dark eyes glared at the flashing red dot.

Full of madness and uncontrollable rage, his entire person had become like a raging beast.

He screamed at the person on the other end of the camera hysterically, “Mu Chongli, if something happens to my woman, I will never let you off the hook!”

Monitoring the action on the other end of the camera, Mu Chongli ignored Mu Feichis threat and kept his eyes on the figure fighting the wolves.

This little girl was still underage and even looked a little weak, but now when dealing with these wolves, she was fierce and swift.

Compared to guns, the knife in her hand was more flexible and precise.

As expected of a medical student, she stabbed them in their vulnerable places without any hesitation.

Her piercing eyes flashed with a murderous aura that didnt belong to someone of her age.

On her, he didnt see the fear and panic that an ordinary girl would have had or any tears that a normal person would have.

Facing a group of ferocious beasts, even facing death, she was as calm as a man fighting on a battlefield.

Her sole purpose was to survive.

Looking at the petite figure on the screen, Mu Chonglis eyes gradually showed appreciation.

Very good, he hadnt misjudged her.

Mu Feichis taste wasnt so bad.

He thought that if Mu Feichi had been here, she wouldve let him end the test, but she didnt expect…

He turned to look at his son, who was struggling desperately, on the verge of hysterical madness, exactly the same as he had been when he was young.

He had given birth to such a hopeless romantic.

As the person in charge of the Mu family, he must overcome this barrier.

She quickly took care of four wolves.

There were only six wolves left.

Yun Xi took control of herself.

There was a strong smell of blood in her nose, and the cold wind blew in her face.

Soon, her face that was stained with wolf blood began to get really cold.

Mu Feichi struggled with the rope tied tightly to his body.

His bloodshot eyes glared at the surveillance camera, and his cold voice could be heard, squeezing out from between his teeth.

“Ill make you see today how extraordinary my woman is!”

Lin Xiao and Ye Ning, who were watching the show, seemed to have been taken aback by Yun Xis actions.

They thought that once Young Marshal Mu had arrived, they would have started fighting together, but no one expected…

This girl was so fierce!

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