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Chapter 598: You Have to Marry Me

Mu Feichi squatted down, raised his hand, and rubbed her head.

His dark eyes were gentle and soft.

“Babe, you cant escape this time.”

Yun Xi looked bewildered.

She was completely unaware of what he meant by this sentence.

“Young Marshal Mu, you… what do you mean”

Hearing what hed said and seeing how hed calmed down, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

Mu Feichi curled up his lips and chuckled.

It seemed as if he was in a good mood, and he didnt mind explaining the situation clearly to her.

“You singlehandedly passed Mu Chonglis assessment.

So now you cant escape the position of Madam Mu.


He placed one hand on her head and clasped her chin with his other hand.

Before she could react, he kissed her.

He had now branded her as his.

This arrogant man directly swore sovereignty over her domineeringly.

“In your life, you can only be the woman of me, Mu Feichi.

In the future, even if you dont want to marry, you still have to marry.

There is no choice or retreat.”

“No, I…” Yun Xi was dumbfounded now.

She hadnt wanted him to intervene because she didnt want Mu Chongli to seek her out again in the future.

She didnt like to be involved in such games or be put to so much trouble.

She had fought singlehandedly just now because this was her battlefield, and she hadnt wanted him to intervene, and shed tried her best to give herself a chance.

If she had known that if she passed the test she would have to marry him, she would have stayed in the tree and watched the show.

Mu Chongli had only said that if she got his approval, he wouldnt interfere in their affairs, nor would he interfere with Mu Feichis choice.

She still had the mentality of thinking she had a choice.

Maybe one day Mu Feichi would get bored with her, and she would be free.

But who knew that this had been their intention.

Now Yun Xi was annoyed.

The initiative was in their hands, and of course it was whatever they said it was.

She had worked hard and had gotten injured, but, in the end, she had been set up by them.

There was no way that she could be happy now.

“Why didnt you tell me what this was all about earlier If I had known that this was what was going on, do you think I would have taken part You guys have set me up.”

Mu Feichi chuckled and squeezed her cheeks that were still stained with wolves blood.

“Little rascal, youre the one who decided to handle this all by yourself.

Who made you so capable just now You blocked your own way out.

Now that youve won, you have to marry me.

Youre my future wife.”

“I object.” If she could shirk it, she would shirk it right now.

She wanted to be in control of her future herself.

She had never coveted the position of Madam Mu.

She knew that she wasnt worthy of him, and she didnt want to face this kind of nightmarish test in the future.

“The objection is invalid and rejected by the court.”

“…” Yun Xi was at a loss for words.

“Mu-three-years-old, if people have to risk their lives before marrying you, who would want to suffer the misfortune of marrying you No wonder there isnt a woman by your side.

I bet that everyone has failed this d*mn test.”

“Yes, youre right! Only those who have passed the assessment are qualified to be my woman.”

He chuckled softly, reached out his hand to pull her up from the cold ground, and stood shoulder to shoulder with her.

His mellow voice was sultry and tender.

“Babe, youre the first one and the last one to have ever taken the test.”

“Can I refuse”



No matter what she said, it would be pointless.

She could talk about other matters in the future.

Who knew what would happen in the future

Turning around, Yun Xi looked at the wolves and couldnt help but shiver.

“What about here”

She raised her hand to check the time.

“Todays assessment isnt over yet.

It will soon be time for the prey to counterattack.”

Mu Feichi glanced at the mess all over the ground and sneered.

“You killed all of Mu Chonglis wolves, so that will be enough for him to anguish over for a long time.

The rest of the assessment is unnecessary.

Lets go, lets go back.”

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