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Chapter 599: If You Move Again, Youll Catch on Fire

As soon as Yun Xi got on the helicopter and her back touched the seat, she gasped with pain.

Mu Feichi glanced at her helplessly.

Then he reached out and put her on his lap facing him and leaning on his arms.

Sitting so close to him, leaning on his arms, Yun Xi suddenly felt uptight and raised her head.

“Young Marshal Mu, are you really sure its appropriate for us to be in such a romantically ambiguous posture in front of the pilot”

She was just about to move and change her position when Mu Feichi pinched her waist and pushed her back to sitting as she had been.

The mans sullen handsome face got close to her, and his hot breath blew onto her neck.

“Dont move! If you move again, youll catch on fire.” Mu Feichi held her with one hand and put the noise-reducing headphones on her head with the other.

Annoyed, Yun Xi grit her teeth and glared at him, but he looked relaxed and happy.

She didnt dare move.

Yun Xi was afraid that she would really catch on fire, so the entire way back, she could only sit there obediently and awkwardly.

She felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles.

The mans masculine smell came through his rough casual clothes and made her feel uncomfortable no matter how she sat.

As the helicopter took off, Mu Feichi held Yun Xi in his arms while avoiding the injury on her back.

His eyes solemnly looked at the forest, which was as black as ink outside the window.

Perhaps it was because she had been hunting and killing wolves today, but, after her tensed-up nerves relaxed, her entire body felt exhausted.

As the helicopter was parked on the tarmac of the Mu familys residence, Mu Feichi looked down at the person who had fallen asleep in his arms, and his gloomy handsome face finally became a little softer.

At the entrance of the Mu familys residence, the butler and Great White waited anxiously.

Upon seeing the helicopter landing, Great White could not wait to run over.

He raised his head and barked at his owner.

Mu Feichi glanced at him, winked, and walked into the house while holding Yun Xi in his arms.

Great White hurriedly followed.

Passing by the butler, Mu Feichi said as he went straight upstairs, “Dont worry about us.

You go rest.”

After a short while, Great White dashed upstairs, holding the medicine box in his teeth.

The butler didnt stop him.

On the big master bed.

Mu Feichi had carefully lain Yun Xi on her side and taken off her camouflage jacket.

Great White came in biting the medicine box, placed it on the carpet, and, with his tail erect, looked at the sleeping girl on the bed.

He probably could sense that she had been injured and, for this reason, didnt cause any trouble and stayed quietly out of the way.

Seeing that Great White had brought the medicine box, Mu Feichi rubbed his head.

He carefully took out the scissors and cut off her T-shirt from behind.

Her pale skin was exposed, and a few dark red scratches were visible on the skin and her back was streaked with blood.

It looked particularly jarring.

Mu Feichi felt distressed and wanted to reach out and touch it, but he stopped himself.

His face was frosty.

He applied a healing ointment carefully, but she showed no signs of waking up.

The stinging pain of the ointment being rubbed on her wounds translated into a

throbbing pain in her sleep.

She looked really tired.

Everything that had happened today had scared him to death, but it had also made him very happy.

Hed seen a rare fierce side of his darling baby that he had never seen before.

She had been so decisive and brave.

She had acted just like a fledgling finally flapping its wings to fly in the sky.

She finally had the power to hold her own.

She was his woman, a woman worthy of his love and pride.

He put a soft bathrobe on her, cleaned up the bloodstains on her face, turned off the bedside lamp, took her wireless phone from the bedside table, and left the master bedroom.

Great White raised his head when it heard all these movements.

He looked at the little master on the bed and saw that she was still there, so he obediently lowered his head and closed his eyes to sleep.

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