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Chapter 600: Send Her into Satans Hands!

On the balcony of the second-floor living room, Mu Feichi dialed Mu Chonglis number as he stood in the cold wind.

Todays assessment had all been made by Mu Chongli without Mu Feichis permission.

The assessments that all other potential female suitors for the Mu family had undergone werent nearly as dangerous as what this girl had gone through tonight.

Precisely because he was Young Marshal Mu of the Mu clan, it had become an excuse for Mu Chongli to be unscrupulous.

It wasnt as if he hadnt thought about testing her and training her.

He just wanted to wait for her to grow up a little bit more.

He had let Li Zilan train her a bit to at least let her have the ability to protect herself.

But he hadnt expected Mu Chongli to be so anxious, so anxious that he almost killed her.

How could he just dismiss his behavior

The phone call connected, and Mu Chonglis cold voice came from the other end.

“Why, I did what you wanted to do but didnt do, so why are you so unhappy”

“There was no need for you to judge my woman.

Since she passed your assessment today, stay away from her in the future.

If theres a next time, dont blame me for taking it out on your family!”

“Its useless to threaten me with your ruthless words.

Although this girl is very talented in my eyes, she isnt all that strong.

Mu Feichi, you pitying her will only harm her.”

“Its none of your business! If you have so much time on your hands to worry, its better for you to worry about your other son.”

It seemed as if Mu Chongli wasnt taken aback by his threatening words.

Although he was sad, he could only suffer.

After all, Mu Feichi was his son.

Their father-son relationship had been troubled for so many years, and this was insignificant in comparison.

“I have already sought out Yan Shuo.

When this girl graduates, I will send her into Yan Shuos hands.”

“Forget it! You just mind your own business and leave us alone.” As soon as he heard Yan Shuos name, Mu Feichi interrupted him rudely.

His dark eyes flashed with a sinister coldness.

“I will never send her into Satans hands.

You made me go through your old ways, and I wont let her become a second me! Mu Chongli, I have a bottom line.

Whoever dares to cross my bottom line will have to fight me.”

He hung up the phone abruptly.

Mu Feichi clenched his fists tightly, and the flames of fury burning in his chest couldnt be suppressed.

No matter what, he couldnt let her fall into Yan Shuos hands.

He didnt want to see her suffer, and he didnt want her to become like him.

After becoming one of the strongest, one was destined to shoulder more responsibilities and even shoulder the safety of many people.

He just wanted her to live freely, comfortably, and happily.

He alone was strong enough to shoulder all the responsibilities and the important tasks for both of them.

On this night, some people had good dreams, and some people had sleepless nights.

Yun Xi opened her eyes, and, as soon as she rolled over, she pulled on the wounds on her back, and the pain made her wince.

She started to get up with much effort.

When Great White heard her movements, he opened his eyes and raised his head.

His amber eyes looked at her in a somewhat confused and cute manner.

Seeing Great White, Yun Xi couldnt help but smile, and she waved at him.

Great White cleverly stood up and ran up onto the bed and lay with his head on her lap.

Yun Xi rubbed his head.

She had been really tired when she fell asleep last night, and she had no memory of all that had happened.

She tried to sit up but lost her balance and fell back.

Her back started hurting again.

Hssss! She leaned onto her side and gasped for breath.

The shocking pain made her feel as if her back had been torn in half.

Mu Feichi saw the way she was lying on the bed as soon as he walked in.

His handsome face full of nervousness and anxiety, he walked over quickly.

“Whats wrong Is it very painful”

“No, no, its nothing…” Blushing, she really wanted to dig a hole to hide in.

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