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Chapter 607: Exam Paper That Became A Trouble

Mu Feichis ability to work was unmatched.

After the second class had ended, the news that one of the affiliated high schools exam papers had been stolen began to spread in the senior grade.

The news that the exam papers had been stolen at Jing High School had been prevented from getting out by the principal.

The news that the exam papers had also been stolen from the affiliated high school shocked Jing High Schools teachers.

Since the two schools had both had exam papers stolen, it couldnt have been the same person who did it.

The affiliated high school had taken emergency measures and searched the student desks to try to find the stolen exam papers, and so the news had spread quickly throughout that school.

Jing High School was close to this other high school, and some of Jings students siblings went to that school.

In order to guard against Zhou Chengzhe, Yun Xi and Yang Lu discussed that no matter whether they were going to the bathroom or for a meal, they must always leave someone in her seat.

She didnt want to fall into some low-level trap.

As long as the test paper didnt appear on her property, Zhou Chengzhe wouldnt have the opportunity to frame her.

And now, as soon as the news about the affiliated high school came out, Jing High School also ordered a search of all of the student desks.

The test paper that Zhou Chengzhe had would surely become a hot potato since he hasnt had a chance yet to frame her with it


If, when the desks were searched, the test paper was found in his desk, then he would really have shot himself in the foot and would get a taste of his own medicine.

At noon, Zhao Yumo had packed some lunch and, since she was bringing good news to Yun Xi, she went to Yun Xis classroom.

The stolen test papers of the affiliated high school had been found in Liang Xinyis desk.

Since she already had the blot of underage dating on her record, the affiliated high school had decided to consider the expulsion of Liang Xinyi.

Yun Xi wasnt shocked because this is exactly what she had expected.

“Dont be so happy.

Its impossible for the affiliated high school to expel Liang Xinyi.

Her backer is not going to let the affiliated high school expel her.

If she is expelled another time, no high school in Jingdu would dare to accept her.

Then she wont be able to go to university in the future.

Without a university education to cover up her many faults, Liang Xinyi will be useless as a chess piece.

Even if her backer isnt willing to protect her, she will do anything in her power to stay.”

Yun Xi opened the lunch box and looked at the lunch Zhao Yumo had brought her.

There was a chicken leg inside.

After eating only vegetarian food for several days at home, the meat appeared especially appetizing.

“Even if she is able to stay in school, after this incident, the possibility of her getting a good grade in the college entrance examination is very low.”

“What do you mean Someone will help her.

Her backer, as long as she can persuade him, would be able to modify the college entrance examination score.”

“Heh…life is pretty easy when you have a backer.” Zhao Yumo snorted.

“I bet its impossible that he would help her without any conditions, am I right”

Yun Xi chuckled.

She hadnt wanted to pollute her young seedling with this kind of adult topic so early.

“She is Han Wanlings spy in Jingdu, and Han Wanling uses her to monitor me.

She just wants to use her to keep her eyes on me so she knows everything I do.”

“This time, she conspired with Zhou Chengzhe to try to frame you and was unsuccessful.

Instead, she dragged herself deep underwater.

She must think you are responsible.”

“Even if she knew it was me, she cant do anything to me.

Theres no proof, and she herself is on thin ice now.

She wanted to use Zhou Chengzhe to deal me a blow, but she didnt expect that the young marshal was more efficient than they could ever dream of being.

It serves her right to suffer such a huge loss.”

“Our school will start searching for exam papers soon, right Youve been sitting in your seat the whole time.

Zhou Chengzhe hasnt had a chance to do anything to you.

The thing he was trying to condemn you with is now in his hands and is a super hot potato.

When they find the exam papers on him, how will he be able to justify himself Hes dug his own grave.”

“No, he will still try to plant the test paper on me.”

Yun Xi chuckled softly.”I have been in the classroom all morning, and he must be unable to sit still now.

Lets go, Yu Mo, lets go out to buy a cup of hot drink and come back again to give him a chance to do his trick.”

Zhao Yumo stood up and looked at her nervously.

“Huh What will you do then!”

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