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Chapter 608: Disassociate Yourself First

Yun Xi cast a reassuring smile at Zhao Yumo, and the two of them left the classroom together.

In a corner outside the classroom, Zhou Chengzhe, who had been waiting for Yun Xi to leave the classroom for a long time, was getting anxious.

He raised his head when he heard their voices and saw the two of them walking downstairs together.

His opportunity had arrived! He walked directly into the classroom without further delay.

This was the time when everyone was going out to eat, and the classroom was almost empty.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo had left just enough time to give Zhou Chengzhe a chance to plant the examination paper.

Hed read the exam last night, so he had a good grasp of its questions.

It wouldnt be difficult for him to get first place in the final exam.

If he could take this opportunity to get rid of Yun Xi, his competitor, it would be like killing two birds with one stone.

There was just one thing that he couldnt figure out.

Liang Xinyis stolen exam paper was clearly that from Jing High School.

Why had the affiliated high schools exam paper also been stolen

It had also been so carelessly placed on her seat, and it was found by the teachers immediately.

How stupid!

Fortunately, the teacher at Jing High School hadnt taken any action yet, otherwise, if he didnt have time to plant it on Yun Xi, he would be caught with it instead.

Since anything could happen if this kept dragging on, he realized that taking advantage of everyones lunch break to plant it on Yun Xi was his only chance for success.

He clipped the test papers onto a page of her textbook.

In order to prevent her from discovering them, he put two of her books on top of the exam sheets.

However, what he didnt know was that Yun Xi had rules for how all her textbooks were supposed to be placed on her desk.

Hed disrupted the rules, so no doubt he would end up exposing himself.

While Zhou Chengzhe was planting the examination papers on Yun Xi, she and Zhao Yumo had secretly hidden in a stairwell at the top of the stairs.

After Zhou Chengzhe left, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo ran down the stairs.

Yun Xi glanced at the books on her desk and easily found the examination papers in her English reference book.

Shed used this reference book purposely, and shed placed it at the bottom just to give Zhou Chengzhe a chance to do the right thing.

“Yun Xi, what should we do now”

“Yumo, if the teacher asks the class monitor to search the desks of the everyone in the class, where do you think is the safest place in the classroom”

Zhao Yumo squinted slightly and turned to look at the podium.

“The most dangerous place is the safest place.”

Yun Xi nodded and chuckled.

“Zhou Chengzhe will definitely not leave his seat now.

Even if he wanted to leave, he will definitely only leave when other students are in the classroom.

It will be too obvious if we plant the exam paper back on him now.”

“Then you…” Zhao Yumo couldnt figure out her plans at the moment.

It was reasonable to say that if they used his own scheme against him in the same way, and if the teachers found it on him when the time came, it would definitely be an enormous blow to him.

But, in this case, if a classmate saw her in the classroom, she could risk implicating herself.

“When dealing with an enemy, whether it is setting up traps or giving them a taste of their own medicine, you must disassociate yourself first.

This is my principle and my bottom line.”

Yun Xi squinted and a bit of cold light flashed in her eyes.

She turned around and hid the test paper in the crack under the teachers desk drawer.

“If it isnt found, Zhou Chengzhe will be very puzzled.

When he is wondering about what went wrong and what he missed, we will put the test paper in his book.

Moreover, there will be an English class tomorrow.

The homeroom teacher of Class 1 teaches English.

Zhou Chengzhe had been desperately trying to improve his English recently.

If he has any questions, he will ask the teacher.

Then, I will let him show the test paper to his homeroom teacher himself.”

Suddenly understanding her meaning, Zhao Yumos eyes lit up.

“Good idea! Let him expose himself.

The first period tomorrow will be English class.

Everyone will go to have breakfast after the morning review session.

That time would be just right!”

“My home is far away, so Ill leave it to you, Yumo.”

“No problem.

Leave it to me.”

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