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Chapter 61: Trespassing on Tianyu Mountain

Yun Xi took the opportunity to sneak into Grandfathers study while he was resting to use his desktop to check out a satellite map of Tianyu Mountain.

However, to her surprise, in the entire area surrounding Tianyu Mountain, only the villa complex was marked out on the maps.

Tianyu Mountain and all the other mountains in the vicinity were not indicated on the maps at all.

They were merely shown as a mountain range without any markings.

Even the specific address of the Mu Mansion was not indicated.

On the satellite map, the mountains were shown as simply never-ending masses of green.

It was likely that some of Mu Feichis subordinates had tampered with the Global Positioning System by hacking into it to alter the map that was available to the public.

It seemed as if those working under him were all experts in different areas.

Since she was unable to find any exact directions, she could not retrieve any information about the specific locations of the sentries and guards beforehand.

It looked like she had to take it one step at a time.

Anyway, Mu Feichi wouldnt do anything bad to her.

She just had to do her best and that was enough.

The next morning, Yun Xi woke up early, put on casual clothes, and tied her hair back into a bun.

She took a steamed stuffed bun hastily and left the house.

The parking lot at the top of Tianyu Mountain contained three groups of people who just rushed over after completing their mornings business.

They only had one reason to gather.

Young Marshal Mu had mentioned the night before that there was a young girl who was going to challenge the mountain and try to get past all the sentries.

Its said that curiosity killed the cat.

They were all interested in watching how the battle might unfold.

After getting Young Marshal Mus approval, they wasted no time in landing their helicopters and unloading their surveillance equipment.

By the break of dawn, three big screens had been set up at the top of the mountain, which at this time was covered in fog.

Three tech-savvy people sat in front of the monitors controlling the images displayed on the screens.

Their young faces stared intently at the monitors, waiting for the trespasser to reveal her face.

Feng Rui and Qi Yuan rushed over to join in the fun while devouring the steamed buns that they had brought with them.

While they were eating, they were also involved in a heated discussion.

Upon hearing that there was a trespasser expected, Feng Rui could barely hold in the urge to gossip about it.

“I cant believe she has the audacity to trespass the mountain alone! Who gave her the courage! There are lots of people from the villa complex who would like to gain the acquaintance of the Mu family, but no one had the guts to trespass into this area before.”

Qi Yuan took a mouthful of soy milk and looked in the direction of Young Marshal Mus room, which was located on the second story of the mansion.

“Had it not been for Young Marshal Mus acquiescence, she wouldnt dare to attempt it.”

On the train, the girl had seemed oblivious to the importance of a relationship with Young Marshal Mu.

It was the first time he had ever seen someone reject Young Marshal Mus good intentions, even to the extent of not wanting to be associated with him in any way.

Looking at the situation of the Yun family, they had every reason to ingratiate themselves with Young Marshal Mu.

However, that girl was one of a kind.

The huge commotion outside in the parking lot had awoken Mu Feichi.

He opened his French windows and walked onto his balcony, He leaned onto the railing, supporting his weight with both hands.

He was wearing a loose white silk blouse, white baggy long pants, and linen slippers.

He looked very relaxed, and his eyes werent even fully opened yet.

It was evident that he was not fully awake.

In contrast to the fierce and condescending aura that he exuded when training his soldiers, this Mu Feichi seemed down to earth, comfortable, and very casual.

Everything seemed ready.

He glanced at his screen to monitor the situation.

She hadnt appeared yet, so he turned around to change his clothes and freshen up before heading down to where everyone else was.

“Young Marshal Mu!” Everyone stood up and straightened their backs to greet him when they saw him exiting the mansion.

Mu Feichi turned his head to look toward Qi Yuan and asked him to hand over the walkie-talkie.

Grabbing the walkie-talkie, he gave orders to the hidden sentries on the mountain, “Everyone listen up, I only have one request today: No one is allowed to go easy on her.

Show her your capabilities! However, no one is allowed to hurt her in any way! Whoever hurts her, I will kill you!”

“…” The sentries couldnt help but let out groans and silently pray for their own well-being.

How was it possible to give their all without harming her He was definitely putting them in a difficult situation.

If he really could not bear for her to get hurt, they should all just throw in the towel and go easy on her.Unfortunately, they still had to act tough and fight her.

This whole group of people was playing along with the girl.

This was going to be tiring.

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