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Chapter 611: Can You Guys Really Tolerate The Insufferable PDA?

Back at home, Yun Xi switched on the computer to go online and catch up on the latest financial news about the Han family.

It was indeed as Jiang Chenghuan had said.

The two projects that the Han family was currently responsible for had been intercepted.

As a result, the family had lost hundreds of millions.

These projects were previously in the hands of Han Yaotian but have been handed over to Han Zhongteng.

Since Han Zhongteng was the person in charge, Han Yaotian would definitely confront him if the projects fell through.

On top of that, these two Han members have always been hostile with each other.

It would definitely be interesting if they got into a fight with each other.

Although some things can be done in moderation, if the Han family suffered too much damage, the other three families would surely notice that the Zhao family is growing upwards.

That wouldnt be a good thing for Yumo.

She still wasnt strong enough to compete with the three other big families.

If the members of the four prominent families were to notice her, the Han family would surely crush her as an act of self-preservation.

In fact, the other three families would probably follow suit.

For her own safety, she, a lobbyist, really has to remind Mu Feichi.

Yun Xi knew that Mu Feichi would be carrying a computer with him.

She checked the time difference between the two sides and entered a set of programs on the computer.

A set of serial codes were soon generated on the screen, and the encrypted program was quickly brought online.

Utilizing the hacking techniques taught by Grey Wolf, she successfully hacked Mu Feichis computer.

On the other side of the computer, Mu Feichi was discussing a new capture plan with Feng Rui, Qi Yuan, and the others.

Suddenly, the big screen image was scrambled, and the people around the table were left in shock.

Mu Feichi took a closer look at the compromised computer.

His computer was set up with a military-grade firewall which meant that it couldnt be easily hacked by ordinary people.

Unless they have his computers serial code, they shouldnt even attempt to infiltrate him.

Apart from Grey Wolf, the only other person to know the serial code was the girl.

Mu Feichi turned his head and glanced at Grey Wolf, who was sitting to his right.

Grey Wolf shrugged.

His feminine and narrow eyes blinked, and he looked innocent.

“Its not me!”

Mu Feichi squinted slightly, raised his eyes, and waved his hands at the group of people at the conference table.

“Thats it for today.

If you have any questions, well talk about it later.

You all can go out now!”

Realization dawned on Li Zilan.

She glanced at the garbled numbers on the screen, chuckled lightly, and said, “Were all on the same side, so why bother trying to hide it”

With an aloof and graceful demeanor, Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and tapped his slender fingers on the conference table.

His thin lips lifted slightly.

“Were going to be lovey-dovey.

Do you guys really want to tolerate the insufferable PDA”

“…” Yes! It would really be insufferable!

Li Zilan touched her nose, sneered, then turned around and left the military tent.

Upon seeing this, the others laughed and followed her out.

Mu Feichi was a very patient man.

He waited for a long time for the intruder to breach his computer.

All of a sudden, the screen flashed and showed the face of the woman who was hacking him.

It looked like she had just come out of the shower.

She was wearing a fluffy bunny ear headband on her head, grey-pink plush pyjamas on her body, pink plush balls dotted on the sleeves of her arms, and her cute face was hidden behind her thick collar.

She appeared so adorable and cute that he couldnt help but want to take a bite.

With this thought in his head, something in his body began to stir, and he could no longer keep his cool.

He leaned lightly against the back of the chair, crossed his legs slightly, and calmly suppressed the desire in his body that was aroused by this little fairy.

“Babe, did you miss me so much that you went so far as to hack into my computer”

At the other end of the video, Yun Xi raised a cup of hot water to her lips.

She ignored his teasing and took a slow sip.

“Young Marshal, how are things going on your side Are they going well”

She wanted to break the awkwardness with small talk before delving into business matters.

Otherwise, her purpose would be too obvious.

“The progress is going pretty well.

I should be able to locate the virus soon.

And soon, Ill be able to come back and see you.

How is your injury, by the way Has it healed yet”

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