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Chapter 615: Today Was Unlike Other Days

“You wretched girl!” Chen Lixues face reddened after Yun Xi had ridiculed her so condescendingly.

She was used to being the wife of the village chief, back when she lived in the countryside.

As such, she was used to barking out orders and reprimanding others.

But at this moment, being ridiculed in front of a little girl (and especially Lian Xiuqin) was almost like being slapped hard in her face.

To make matters worse, it was a bad fall.

Chen Lixue was tingling in pain as she patted her hands on the wooden floor.

She knelt on the ground but was in too much pain to stand up.

“Damn you girl! Youre out of control!”

Chen Lixue struggled to get up.

But her legs were in too much pain.

She turned towards Liang Xinyi and called out for help.

“Xinyi, come here and help your mom up!”

Angry and annoyed, Liang Xinyi gritted her teeth and stepped forward to help Chen Lixue get up to the side of the sofa.

“That wretched girl is just bullying me like this.

Is that how she represents the Yun familys reputation!”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

She was just about to make her response, but Liang Xiuqin, who had been watching the situation intently, quickly interjected.

“You have no right to make any comments about the Yun familys reputation.

You should have taken the time to raise your own daughter right.

You dont get to drag the Yun family name just because your daughter is about to get expelled from school.

Im ashamed of the both of you!”

“Liang Xiuqin, you…”

Seeing that the two of them were about to quarrel again, Yun Xi stood up from the sofa and glared at Liang Xinyi, who was visibly gloomy.

Yun Xis mannerisms and actions reflected her stature as the Yun familys eldest young madam.

“Aunt, you know what your daughter has done.

She doesnt need you to stand up for her at all.

If youre planning on staying on in the Yun familys house then you better settle down and keep quiet.

If you cant help but stir up trouble then just know that youre doing so at your own risk.”

Yun Xi turned around and walked in front of the mother-daughter duo.

She paused and shot a look of indifference at Liang Xinyi.

“Liang Xinyi, youre probably thinking of ways of getting your revenge on me.

But remember, if you fail then its just your bad luck.

If you still plan to live in Jingdu after the college entrance exams then you better back off.

Youll notice that things are different now.

Im no longer the weak Yun Xi that I was in Muyang Town.”

When she came back to the Yun family, even if there was no one else to support her, she would still be able to deal with their tricks.

Now that she has been reborn, she is no longer the weak Yun Xi!

With that reminder clearly declared, Liang Xinyi could do nothing but clench her fists tightly and glare at Yun Xi with vicious and bitter resentment.

Yun Xi, however, simply turned around and headed back upstairs, as if she didnt care what Liang Xinyi was feeling.

“Wretched girl, where do you think youre going”

Chen Lixue was so angry that she was about to yell back.

But before she should say too much, she was stopped by Liang Xinyi.

Yun Xi was standing at the top of the staircase landing.

She was looking indifferently at Yun Chuhan, who had been standing there all this time and had been watching the entire proceeding.

The third sister was now looking at Yun Xi in a peculiar manner.

“Dear eldest sister, Lian Xinyi may have the support of the Han family, but you have a supporter, right And its someone even more powerful too.”

Upon hearing these words, Yun Xi lowered her gaze.

Yun Xi wondered whether Yun Chuhan had uncovered the relationship between her and the young marshal.

She didnt want to confirm any suspicions so she discreetly regained her calm and composure.

Yun Chuhan might only be baiting her, and her accusation did not mean that she knew anything.

“Yun Chuhan, what do you mean”

“Oh, its nothing.

Ive spoken to Liang Xinyi about the exam paper theft.

If you were the one who planted it to frame her, then it must have been difficult.

It wouldnt have been easy for you to steal the exam papers and put them in her seat.

Since a student of another school cant get into the affiliated high school, it must also mean that someone is helping you.”

“So what” Yun Xi raised her eyebrows without taking the bait.

“Im just curious, thats all… Youve been heading up the mountain every day… I wonder what that could mean…”

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