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Chapter 620: It Must Be Her Lucky Day!

Yun Xi looked at the man in front of her.

She could sense that his temperament was different from General Shens.

Although both of them were about the same age, the stranger looked younger.

His eyes however, were so sullen that people didnt dare to look directly at him.

Shen Yichen hadnt seen Yun Xi for a few days, so he rushed back home when his mother called him.

He ran into his third uncle and the strange man at the front door of his house.

“Yun Xi, its been a while since weve seen each other.

How have you been I heard youve finished your exam.”

“Yes, the exam is over.

How about you Have you been very busy lately”

“Yes, the company is preparing to go public, so there are a lot of things that needed to be dealt with.”

For nearly a year, Shen Yichen has been busy preparing for the companys listing.

It was only recently that he could ring the bell on the New York Stock Exchange.

“Really Congratulations! When your company goes public, I will use my money to buy your stock!”

She spoke frankly and seriously, without realizing that she wouldnt be able to buy any stock with her personal savings.

Shen Yichen didnt mind.

He simply smiled and nodded.


His elegant and gentle eyes revealed a doting and pampering look.

It was obvious that he was fond of Yun Xi and would respond positively no matter what she said.

Yan Shuos eyes narrowed as he looked at the two of them, then he quickly looked away.

He didnt expect that he would meet Yun Xi, the little lion, here.

Every year, when New Years Eve approached, he would visit the old madam and master of the Shen family.

However, he wasnt expecting this encounter today.

And from the way the Eldest Heir was acting, it was obvious that he had feelings for her.

“Yun Xi is here.

Sit down!” Shen Ziqu didnt treat Yun Xi as an outsider.

Since she had saved him, his attitude towards her hadnt changed, despite the young marshals warning.

There were some things that the Shen family still insisted on.

“General Shen,” Yun Xi spoke politely, then her gaze inadvertently fell on the man next to him.

Shen Ziqu realized that he had forgotten to introduce his guest to Yun Xi.

“This is my friend, Yan Shuo.

Just call him Uncle Yan.”

Upon hearing this name, Yun Xi narrowed her eyes slightly.

Her facial expression clearly revealed her surprise.

“Lord Yan”

Yan Shuos gloomy eyes flickered faintly, and his thin lips raised.

“It seems that the little girl has heard of my name.”

Yun Xi came back to her senses and realized that she was being rude.

She touched her head in embarrassment.

“Im sorry.

Im getting ahead of myself.

Uncle Yan, please forgive me.

I had no intention of offending you.”

This man was none other than Yan Shuo, the famous “devil instructor” of Jingdu.

He was no ordinary person!

She wasnt expecting to be sitting face to face with a legendary figure.

It must be her lucky day!

Yan Shuo looked at the little girl.

He was taken aback at how excited she was.

When people first meet him, they tend to be scared and fearful.

Some of them even run away and hide.

And yet, this girl seemed excited and happy to see him.

Yes, she was happy!

In fact, she seemed to be full of excitement and glee!

The look of admiration on her face was not surprising, but what was she so happy about

“Its been a long time since anyone has called me uncle.

Do I look that old”

Yan Shuo said those words as he touched his face, He turned his head to address Shen Ziqu.

Shen Ziqu pretended to choke when he heard the question.

He couldnt help but tease back.

“Youre still in denial when it comes to your old age Alright Yun Xi, you can call him Instructor Yan.

Thats what everyone under his command calls him anyway.”

“No, thats different.

The people who call me Instructor are the ones under me.

She, however, isnt.”

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