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Chapter 621: She Would Make Her Own Decision

Yun Xi was taken aback to hear this.

She couldnt call him Instructor, nor could she call him uncle.

She also couldnt call him Lord Yan.

And she definitely couldnt call him by his name, right

That would be too rude!

“Call me whatever you call General Shen,” Yan Shuo said.

“Someday when you…”

His gloomy eyes twinkled with happiness as he turned to look at Yun Xi.

“Someday when you become a soldier under my command, then you may call me Instructor.”

“General Yan” Yun Xi was a little surprised.

Yan Shuo wasnt wearing a military uniform and she would never have guessed his military rank.

She wasnt expecting him to be a general.

Yan Shuo didnt look very young, but he still wasnt as old as the average age of a military general.

Such a young general was rare in the military!

Her soft and pleasant voice, laced with a bit of confusion and innocence, was a thrill for Yan Shuo to hear.

He simply nodded slightly.

For some reason, he was looking forward to hearing her call him Instructor.

Shen Yichen made a cup of hot milk tea in the kitchen and handed it to Yun Xi.

He then looked at Yan Shuo and continued to tease him.

“Uncle Yan, I dont want Yun Xi to be your soldier.

That would be a lot of hard work! And Im not the only one who cant bear to see this girl suffer; no one in my family is willing to let her endure any kind of hardship.”

As he was saying this, Shen Yichen put his hands on the shoulders of the old madam of the Shen family.

“What do you say, Grandma”

Yan Shuos ruthlessness in the army was well known, and the old madam naturally didnt want Yun Xi to suffer.

“Its okay for a girl to be squeamish,” the old madam of the Shen family said.

“I will not agree to allow her to follow you into a life of hardship.

Lao Liu, dont try to set your sights on Yun Xi!”

Yun Xi noticed that the old madam was speaking up for her.

Her voice was filled with concern and compassion.

She didnt treat Yun Xi like an outsider.

This made Yun Xi feel warmer and more at home than she ever felt in the Yun family.

Yan Shuo raised his eyebrows as if he was considering the old madams words.

He turned his head to look at Yun Xi, then asked aloofly, “What about you, girl Do you want to train under my command”

Yun Xi knew immediately that she had to choose what path she wanted to take instead of letting others choose it for her.

Yan Shuo could see that there was a fierceness in this girls eyes!

There was also the resilience of being unwilling to resign herself to fate.

She would not settle for the status quo, let alone stop when there was so much more out there.

She was a rough jade worthy of polishing, and not a stubborn stone.

“Yes!” Yun Xi nodded instinctively, almost without thinking.

To become stronger, she must work harder than everyone else!

Commander Mus assessment had severely damaged her self-esteem and pride.

It made her realize that there were a lot of people out there that were more capable than her, and it also made her clearly aware of her own insignificance and shortcomings.

With her amateur skills, anyone would be able to take her out, including Mu Fei Chi.

How would she be able to face more unexpected incidents in the future

Her unexpected response made the once lively living room quiet down suddenly.

“Yun Xi, dont cause any trouble.” With a look of worry and disapproval, Shen Yichen looked at her in astonishment.

He didnt expect her to agree so readily.

Yan Shuo, on the other hand, couldnt help but laugh.

He spoke in a kinder tone, “Girl, training with me is gruesome and full of obstacles.

Before you make any rash decisions you should get to know me first.

If you know what youre getting yourself into then youd probably change your mind.”

“I always mean what I say,” Yun Xi replied.

“Its just a bit of hardship, so its nothing to me.”

She had already died before.

Why should she be afraid of hardship and suffering

Shen Ziqu didnt really think that Yun Xi wanted to go and train with Yan Shuo.

He was worried that her frail body would not be able to withstand the high-intensity training.

“Girl, you may be underestimating the situation.

If youre training with him, its not as simple as a bit of suffering and hardship.

They call it hell-style training.

And its not uncommon for people to lose their lives during the process of training.

Youre just a young girl, dont push yourself so hard.”

Yun Xi looked at the gathered Shen family.

It was obvious that they all disagreed with her.

She simply smiled in response.

She lowered her gaze but in her heart, she became even more determined to carry out her plan.

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