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Chapter 624: Shell No Doubt Win Over The Panel Of Judges

The cheering scene in the laboratory was transmitted to a computer screen in a foreign country thousands of miles away.

Mu Feichi wasnt expecting to see this.

He had hacked into Su Hangs laboratory monitoring system and saw that Yun Xi was there, despite his constant warnings to prohibit that girl from entering the laboratory.

He ignored the cheering group of people on the screen and focused on the smirking figure holding the test tube on the screen.

His face was gloomy and his thin lips were pursed tightly together.

Although she was wearing a laboratory mask, he still recognized Yun Xi.

Su Hang had already contacted Mu Feichi to report the good news.

They were all fighting on the front line.

It didnt matter if the vaccine could be used or not, what was important was that it was sent out in time.

The phone rang, and Mu Feichi glanced at it.

He waited for a few rings before he picked it up.

“Young Marshal, we did it!”

Su Hangs joyous voice came from the other end of the phone.

Mu Feichi looked at the figure on the surveillance screen.

He tapped the screen to zoom in closer.

Even through the glass mask, he could see the bitterness and loss in her eyes.

“Hello Young Marshal Did you hear what I just said”

“I heard it.” Mu Feichis eyes narrowed and tore his eyes away from the figure on the screen.

“Su Hang, what did I tell you when I left Who allowed that girl to enter the laboratory!”

“Um… Young Marshal…” Su Hang felt numb as he tried to think of an answer.

“Shes too stubborn.

I couldnt stop her.

But the success of this vaccine research was all because of her! If she hadnt proposed a new composition formula, we would never have…”

“Okay, I see,” Mu Feichi interrupted.

“Its good to hear that shes fine.

Now, arrange for someone to deliver the vaccine to me.”

“Okay, we will prepare it and send it to you right away.

By the way, Yun Xi is going to participate in the winter camp tomorrow.

Would you like to speak to the organizing committee”

Su Hang glanced at the figure taking off her protective clothing outside the glass window, then spoke in a low voice.


Youve seen her abilities.

Shell no doubt win over the panel of judges.”

“One more thing… It seems that she may have met Lord Yan at the Shen familys house today…”

“What!” Mu Feichi interrupted Su Hang before he could finish his words.

“How did that happen”

Knowing that Yun Xi and Lord Yan had met in private left only one thing on Mu Feichis mind.

No matter what, he could not let her fall into Lord Yans hands.

Mu Chongli was unexpectedly impatient, but even so, it was impossible for the girl to join them before she completed the college entrance examination.

Initially, Mu Feichi wasnt worried that he had not met Yun Xi when he had returned, but he was feeling nervous now that he knew that she had met with Lord Yan.

“I dont know how it happened,” Su Hang said.

“She was visiting the old madam at the Shen family house earlier today, and I guess that Lord Yan probably happened to be there.”

“Dont say anything else.

Ill be there as soon as possible!”

Yun Xi will be at the winter training camp for ten days.

Although the place had a closed-access teaching ground, he would try his best to finish up his work and be there.

Su Hang hung up the phone and looked up at the figure who was now standing outside in the snow.

Snowflakes fell on her head and shoulders.

He hurriedly put away the phone and walked out.

He opened the glass door and the icy wind blew in.

He couldnt help but shiver.

He turned his head and looked at Yun Xi, who was tilting her head slightly.

In that moment, he hesitated to approach her.

The young girl standing in front of him had stopped celebrating her recent achievement.

Instead, she was inexplicably shrouded in sadness.

This left him feeling a little confused.

“Yun Xi, is there something wrong” He whispered to her.

“Huh” Yun Xi was surprised at the interruption.

She was reliving the chaotic memories of her past life.

She opened her eyes, which were still wet with tears, and turned around to face Su Hang.

“Why arent you celebrating with everyone else,” he asked.

“Oh its nothing.” Yun Xi blinked a few times to suppress her emotions, then chuckled softly.

“Im probably still in disbelief.

I cant believe it was all a success!”

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