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Chapter 627: Taking Shortcuts Will Bring You Closer To The Top

She was probably just jealous that she had a son.

All Liang Xiuqin had were daughters!

“Im just stating the facts,” Liang Xiuqin retorted.

“How can she only care about outsiders and not her own sister!”

The second aunt was just about to refute but Yun Xi intervened quickly: “Mom, even if I wanted to help Yun Ziling, it all depends on whether she has the patience to let me tutor her.

Shes just an ordinary student, while Haoze is an advanced class student.

Their grades are worlds apart.

Its already too late, even if I started tutoring her now.

Look, instead of wasting her time arguing about family and outsiders, she should just go back and review her first year of high school knowledge.

There are no shortcuts in this world, at least, there is no such thing with me!”

Yun Yuanfeng was in the living room.

Upon hearing Yun Xis words, he looked at how angry Liang Xiuqin was.

He interjected angrily.

“Shut up! Were all one big family, so why are we making a distinction between family and outsiders! Look at how much youve spoiled Yun Ziling.

Its fine if she doesnt want to learn, and I dont expect her to be more promising than Yun Xi, but cant you see what shes become”

Yun Ziling turned her head and shot an annoyed look at Yun Yuanfeng.

“Dad! Why are you being so unfair You only think about Yun Xi, but Im your daughter too.

You just think Im useless, dont you”

Before Yun Xi had returned to the family, Yun Ziling was alone with her parents.

Even Yun Chuhan wasnt considered a rival.

Now that Yun Xi was back, Yun Ziling was being compared to her all the time!

Everything that rightfully belonged to her was now in Yun Xis hands!

Her father didnt care about her anymore; he only had Yun Xi in his sights!

He only gave money to Yun Xi, and he let her get away with a lot of different things.

There was no way for Yun Ziling to match up to Yun Xi.

And now, he was scolding her just because she was speaking her mind.

Its not as if Yun Xi hadnt said anything offensive either! All she did was get first place during the exams; thats nothing to be so proud of!

Yun Ziling wasnt about to give in.

She wasnt willing to lose everything she had to Yun Xi.

There was no way she would allow Yun Xi to take away everything that she had!

At this point, Liang Xiuqin didnt want to argue with Yun Yuanfeng anymore.

She grabbed Yun Zilings hand.


Yun Zilings academic standing was the reason why Chen Lixue was mocking them.

It was also the reason why that wretched Yun Xi was looking so favorable.

“If you were half as good as your sister, I wouldnt be so strict with you! But look at yourself… You think that taking shortcuts will bring you closer to the top.

I think your mother has spoiled you too much.

Your sister has never caused trouble at home.

Shes hardworking and making big progress in life.

But look at you.”

Being reprimanded by Yun Yuanfeng, was the last straw for Yun Ziling.

Her eyes turned red and she started bawling.

“Ziling…” Liang Xiuqin was distressed to see her daughter like this.

She glared at Yun Xi, the one who started all this drama.

She wished she could butcher that stupid girl to relieve her hatred.

Yun Xi lazily studied the mother and daughter.

She then winked at Yun Haoze, and turned around to make her way upstairs.

It seemed like the situation wasnt affecting Yun Haoze at all.

Although he understood that Yun Ziling was targeting him, he didnt take her words seriously at all.

Boys had big hearts!

Upstairs, Yun Xi took out a couple of notebooks that she had made as well as some reference books, then handed them to Yun Haoze.

“We can also review the school work from the second year of high school.

These are my notes for the past few months.

You can read them, or you can go back to look through them.”

“Thank you, sister!” Yun Haoze held the stack of books eagerly.

“When youre back, I will let my mother move back to the villa.

You can come and stay with us too.

There are guest rooms at home.

You can also help me with my studies along the way.

There are so many people in this house, and its always so noisy.

Its not a good place for you to revise for your college entrance examination.”

“Alright, well talk about it next time, when Im back.

Make sure you keep up with your revision.

Its almost the New Year, so dont go running around outside.

There are too many cars and thieves, so its not safe!”

“Alright, Ill listen to you, sister!”

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