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Chapter 628: Probably Die From Anger Right!

After dinner, the second aunt headed upstairs to speak to Yun Xi.

She brought along the list of gifts that needed to be prepared for the New Year.

Chen Lixue spied her climbing the stairs holding the notebook.

She immediately assumed that the second aunt was going upstairs to make a secret settlement with Yun Xi.

She thought that something shameful was going on.

“Second aunt, where are you going Are you hiding something in the New Years gift list Why are you personally bringing it upstairs yourself”

Upon hearing what Chen Lixue said, Yao Ying looked down at the bill in her hand.

She chuckled lightly and stopped at the top of the stairs, looking down at everyone else in the living room.

It seemed like everyone had heard Chen Lixues words, and were looking at her expectantly.

She could understand what they were thinking, but she just wanted to slap them for being so gullible.

“You mean this receipt Im taking it up to Yun Xi so I can show her what Ive bought this year.

Yun Xi is the eldest daughter and the eldest young madam in this family.

In the future, this family will be inherited by her, so I have to explain to her clearly what was bought and used at home.

Im only temporarily in charge in her place.

Shell be the one taking over soon.”

After the second aunt made her speech, Liang Xiuqins face fell, and even Chen Lixue looked like she was out of words.

Chen Lixue was filled with regret.

If she had treated Yun Xi better since the beginning, their relationship would have been so much smoother.

And Yun Xi probably wouldnt regard her as an enemy!

Especially now, considering Yun Xis estranged relationship with Liang Xiuqin.

If Chen Lixue were to side with Yun Xi and confront Liang Xiuqin, Liang Xiuqin would probably die from anger right!

Chen Lixue felt especially resentful, especially from the recent suffering she had suffered from Liang Xiuqin and that wretched Yun Xi.

The grievances suffered by her baby daughter only made things worse!

And now, she had just discovered from the second aunt that the Yun family offered the master of the house a yearly living expense of one hundred thousand yuan.

Thats one hundred thousand yuan, not ten yuan!

That amount of money was more than enough for her to live an extravagant life.

And she would be able to enjoy that life for many years!

Liang Xiuqin had been the master of the house for so many years, and it was obvious that she was embezzling money.

Anyone could see that she squandered her money.

You could make more money by being the master of the house than by going out to work!

And Chen Lixue couldnt help but think that the position of the master of the Yun family should belong to her!

Had it not been for that b*tchh Liang Xiuqin robbing her of her man, she would not be in this position today!

With these thoughts heavy on her mind, Chen Lixue felt anger welling up inside her heart.

Meanwhile, the second aunt was upstairs describing the situation in the living room to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi wasnt surprised, and simply reminded her second aunt.

“You and I both know what my aunt is planning.

Shes been following you around so carefully during this New Year preparation.

Im sure youre aware of what she wants to do.”

Yao Ying nodded.

“I know, and Ive said everything you told me to reveal.

But I wont say what shouldnt be said.

Your aunt has more brains than your mother, so Im always careful and on guard around her.

Dont worry about me.”

“I know.

But second aunt, Ill have to trouble you to help me with the family affairs for one more year.

After I finish the college entrance examination and am an adult, I will learn slowly with you!”

“Take your time.

Learning is more important.

Im not like your mother, who is impatient with these kinds of things.

When you take over and my son is admitted to a college, your second uncle and I can go out to have fun and enjoy a couples world.

“I really envy you, second aunt!” Yun Xi smiled.

She suddenly remembered Yumos Grandpa, so she brought up the Chinese patent medicine liquid to Yao Ying.

“Look, nowadays, its not easy for most people to prepare medicine pots for decoction at home.

And if they bought them from a pharmacy, people who arent chronically ill will only take one or two doses, then let the rest of the medicine go to waste.

If we can turn the Chinese traditional medicine into medicinal liquid, we can package it into handy, portable pills.

It will be convenient and simple.

Its even better if you can work with the hospital.

You can get the decoction directly from the hospital and let the patient take the medicine in the Chinese pharmacy.

It will save time.

Second aunt, youve managed the pharmaceutical factory for so many years, so you should have connections with the hospital right”

“Yes, that sounds like a very good idea.

Let me go back and think about it, then I will give you an answer when you return from camp.”


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