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Chapter 630: Cut The Grass Without Removing The Roots

After the meeting, everyone received a course schedule with daily course timings and teachers.

Yun Xi took a closer look at the course schedule.

In ten days, the organizing committee would hold two field internships; one in zoology and one in botany.

Each internship lasts for just two days.

This ensures that there would be sufficient time and energy spent on study and practice.

The end goal was to have an efficient use of theory and time.

Yun Xi noted that the field practice site was at Longqi Mountain, a national nature reserve.

Although she had never been to this area personally, she knew it well!

In her last life, she was kidnapped, and the kidnapper lived near Longqi Mountain.

Back then, she had taken advantage of the chaos around her to escape and found herself venturing into the untouched forest of Longqi Mountain by accident.

She wandered the forest for two days before being found by the rescue team.

At that time, she didnt have any experience in outdoor survival.

She only survived on faith alone.

It would be a special experience for her to have the opportunity to return to this place in this new life!

She was also glad to find out that the training camp had closed-access management.

There were many people here milling about, so it was impossible for Zhou Chengzhe to make his move during this time.

But the field internship would be an ideal place for him to carry out his next attack.

Since he was so adamant about digging his own grave, he definitely wouldnt let go of such a good opportunity.

But she will be waiting for him to make a move!


After settling down in her dormitory, Yun Xi received an unexpected call from Mu Feichi, who was oceans away.

She rushed out of the dormitory room before answering her phone.

“Young Marshal Is something wrong”

“How is the winter camp training today Have you settled in yet”

The mans mellow and deep voice reached out from the other end of the phone.

It drifted into her ears from across the thousands of miles of rivers and mountains.

He sounded a little worried.


Im not a kid you know.

You dont need to worry about this kind of thing do you.”

He was working on a mission far away and yet, he took the time to worry about her own well-being.


It really made her speechless!

“Look at how much trouble youve run into ever since you came back.

How can I not worry”

There were two types of worrying and not worrying.

One depended on his relation to her, and the other depended on the situation.

He didnt worry about things she could solve on her own.

As for the things she couldnt solve… He would clear all obstacles for her.


.what do you mean” Yun Xi raised her eyebrows in concern.

She immediately knew that something had happened, and somehow, Young Marshal Mu was involved.

“Zhou Chengzhe is your classmate, right”

“Were in different classes but in the same grade.

Whats wrong”

“Did you really think you could solve all your problems by getting him disqualified from the exam Didnt Li Zilan teach you that if you cut the grass without removing the roots, it will grow back after the spring breeze blows.”

“As long as he doesnt cross me again, I can simply ignore him.

I might even let him have a taste of his own medicine.

I can take care of these insignificant people by myself.”

“Its good to hear that youre able to deal with things like this.

However, Zhou Chengzhe cant stay! Being too soft-hearted isnt good for you!”

“But why Why him specifically Im sure you have your reasons, young marshal.”

“We have been searching for the whereabouts of the virus.

After investigation, we discovered that three test tubes are missing.

One was used by Li Sinuo, but the whereabouts of the other two are still unknown.

On top of that, Ive just received news that Zhou Chengzhe had contacted Liang Xinyi.

And Liang Xinyi is Han Zhongtengs lackey.

Some people will do anything they can just to frame you, so you need to be careful.

Thankfully, no one knows that weve produced the vaccine for the virus.

Ive already notified Su Hang that you should use the vaccine on yourself first, just in case.”

Mu Feichi looked down at his hands.

He was holding a copy of Yun Xis training schedule.

“I see that youll be going through field training.

Be extra careful then.

I will ask the butler to take the Great White there in advance”

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