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Chapter 631: A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

“What No! Great White will scare everyone! I can solve my own problems, no matter what they try with me.

Young marshal, dont underestimate me!”

Their little tricks cant hurt her!

Yun Xi may not be as powerful as Han Wanling, nor does she have reliable family backing, but it would still be a piece of cake for her to deal with them.

“Babe, since Im not there, cant you just let me do this for you”

Of course he believes in her ability and independence, and yet, he still worries about her.

“I can deal with their little tricks myself.

Dont worry, young marshal.

Just focus on your own work come back safely when youre done.”

Mu Feichi was visibly unhappy to hear this, but there was nothing he could do, so he kept quiet.

He was located far away from Yun Xi, but he could already tell that she wouldnt listen to him.

“If I come back and I see that youre hurt or injured… then Ill discipline you!” Mu Feichi said harshly as he hung up the phone.

“…” Yun Xi couldnt help rolling her eyes.

Mu Feichis threats were more intimidating than the actual punishment, so she was not worried.

As soon as she hung up the phone, Yun Xi saw Zhou Chengzhe stepping out of the alley behind the boys dormitory.

Typically, that place was empty.

It was next to the garbage dump, so everyone avoided that alley.

Zhou Chengzhe obviously wasnt there to enjoy the scenery.

Yun Xi dashed to the side and hid behind a public payphone.

She watched as Zhou Chengzhe sneaked back into the boys dormitory.

When everyone was on their lunch break, Yun Xi dragged Zhao Yumo along to secretly walk down the alley behind the boys dormitory.

“Yun Xi, what do you think Zhou Chengzhe is planning Do you think he wants to get rid of you so he can be selected to represent the country in the competition Looks like his arrogance and narcissism havent changed at all!”

“A leopard never changes its spots.

Ill try and find out what hes planning so I can prepare for it.”

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo followed the small alley into the forest.

They walked around and finally spotted a black iron cage in the sewer.

“What on earth! What is this” Zhao Yumo was taken aback when she saw the cage on the stone.

Yun Xi stepped forward and picked the cage up out of the sewer.

“Ah!” Zhao Yumo let out a gasp.

There were snakes swimming in the cage!

Yun Xi furrowed her eyebrows in thought.

She looked down at the black snakes in the cage, and cold light flashed through her eyes.

It looks like Zhou Chengzhe was planning to make a desperate move! All to defeat her as revenge for getting disqualified from taking the final exam.

“These arent poisonous snakes,” Yun Xi pointed out, “but Zhou Chengzhe is quite bold to bring such disgusting things to the training camp! Even if they dont bite, they will scare people!”

Zhao Yumo got goosebumps all over her body just looking at the snakes in the cage hissing at them.

“Damn! How disgusting! Yun Xi, put them back quickly.

Be careful not to get bitten!”

Yun Xi squinted slightly, raised her hand, and threw the cage into the sewer water.

The cage was soon submerged in dirty water.

The snakes hissed angrily and swam around.

The snakes were curled up in the dirty sewage, and they looked even more menacing and vicious.

Zhao Yumo trembled and pulled Yun Xis sleeve.

“You left the cage in the water.

Wont he know that we were here”

“The wind has been strong these two days.

Hell think it was knocked over by the wind.

The good thing is, the smell of the sewer isnt easy to hide.

If he moves these things, we can also detect them and prepare in advance.”

She wanted to make these snakes smell like sewage water.

Her sense of smell was more sensitive than that of ordinary people.

If Zhou Chengzhe wanted to scheme against her, hes going to have to try much harder!

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