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Chapter 633: The Young Marshal Is The Most Suspicious

Yun Xi raised her head, closed the book, and chuckled lightly.

Her smile was radiant in the afternoon sun.

“Its the first time Ive participated in this kind of competition.

I dont know what the teachers and professors assessment criteria are.

I guess Ill leave it up to fate.

Even if I cant represent the country, its a good experience to be able to participate in this training camp!”

Zhao Yumo nodded.

“Youre right.

More importantly, I get to meet a lot of new people.

Lets communicate, learn and improve with each other!”

Not everyone was aiming for first place in this competition.

If Zhou Chengzhe wasnt so persistent, they would just be here as a formality.

Its a shame that he doesnt know right from wrong, and so, they had no choice but to respond and force him to show his true colors.

There is no other way since he insists on digging his own grave!


In the huge office, the bright winter sun filtered through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Shen Yichen was standing by the window and looking at the urban jungle below him.

The sunlight accentuated the chiseled contours of his somber yet handsome face, which emanated an aura of maturity and level-headedness.

Secretary Xu Han knocked on his door before stepping in.

He saw Shen Yichen by the window.

He looked down at the folder in his hands and walked over.

“President, this is the latest trend report of the Han Corporation.

Somethings not quite right.”

Upon hearing these words, Shen Yichen turned around.

Xu Han hurriedly passed him the folder and continued with his report.

“Han Zhongteng lost two big projects in a row.

The projects were almost done deals.

This caused the Han Corporation to lose hundreds of millions.

Ive asked our guys to investigate the people in charge of these two projects.

They came out of the blue to snatch the business away from Han Corporation.

Theres probably a mastermind behind the scenes, but its been a few days and our investigation hasnt revealed anything yet.”

“It seems that the mastermind is pulling the strings.”

Shen Yichen looked through the information in his hand.

The report contained the data details of the two projects, as well as the stock price fluctuations of the Han Corporation during this period.

Because of the loss of two projects, the stock price of the Han Corporation has plummeted.

Han Yaotian had just taken over the position of CEO.

After this incident, the confidence in Han Yaotian brought about by the previous cooperation between the Han family and the Shen family will go down the drain.

“For someone to do this so cleanly and with such power… I guess that it has to be one of the three major families in Jingdu.”

“Apart for them, who else could sabotage the Han family so easily The four prominent families have always been embroiled in a game of mutual checks and balances.

No one can break this power dynamic so easily.

Recently, the members of the Han family seriously offended the Young Marshal.

If someone really was doing it deliberately, the Young Marshal is the main suspect.”

No one in Jingdu should underestimate how omnipotent Young Marshal Mu was!

Not only was he in control of the power dynamic, but he also had unmatched wealth.

Both money and power were in his hands.

With that deadly combination, it would be easy for him to mindlessly cause trouble for anyone he chooses.

“So it has to be the Young Marshal then…” Xu Han let out a long sigh, but it was filled with awe and admiration for this legendary man.

“I asked you to find out which of the three major families has been supporting him recently.

Have you found anything”


The investigator found out that Second Master Jiang has been very close to the young lady of the Zhao family recently.”

“Beidis Zhao family”

“Yes! And the Zhao family has been very prosperous recently.

It has won a lot of projects.

It can be said that their time has come.

It would be difficult to discover if it wasnt for our previous suspicion and careful inspection.”

After a pause, Xu Han added, “This eldest lady of the Zhao family is a good friend and classmate of Miss Yun.

Miss Yun seems to be very protective of this friend.

She went to the Zhao familys villa several times, and she secretly treated the Old Master.”

“Really” Shen Yichen raised his eyebrows.

His eyes gloomy, he looked down at the folder in his hand.

“Make sure no one knows about this and dont let it leak out.

I dont want the other three families to notice the Zhao family.

If something happens to this young lady, Yun Xi definitely wont leave it alone.

I dont want to see any accidents!”

“Yes, I understand!”

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