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Chapter 634: Unexpected Default Selection

Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle.

Knowing what Zhou Chengzhe was up to, Yun Xi didnt need to make any complicated arrangements.

His little tricks just needed to be guarded against.

However, what Yun Xi hadnt expected was that the person in charge of the organizing committee would come to find her.

As she was preparing to go to class the next day, she saw that the head of the organizing committee was standing at the school gates, and the professors and experts from each subject were there also.

It was right as everyone was going into the multimedia classroom.

They all stopped when they noticed all the teachers standing in the doorway.

Because Zhang Peipei had had stomach issues, Yun Xi, Zhao Yumo, and Jian Junling had been waiting for her to recover before rushing over to the classroom together.

For this reason, they had arrived a little late.

When they saw everyone gathered at the door, they stopped.

“Yun Xi, come over here.” The teacher, Lu Zhiwei, stood at the front of the professors and the other people in charge, holding a folder.

Hearing her name, Yun Xi froze.

She looked at the group of people who had gathered.

She had no idea what was going on.

Even though so many professors and other dignitaries hadnt shown up when theyd assembled yesterday, theyd all come today.

Everyone was wondering if something important had happened.

There were lots of people gathered here, but theyd only mentioned Yun Xi.

For a moment, everyones attention fell on Yun Xi.

The atmosphere suddenly became electric.

Yun Xi felt very confused.

She turned and looked at her three roommates, and she noticed that Zhou Chengzhe had a very smug look on his face.

What was he feeling smug about Was he happy because he was going to see her suffer

She hadnt done anything wrong, so why did he appear to be gloating

Turning her head, she raised her eyes to look at Teacher Lu Zhiwei and walked over to him with her facial expression calm and composed.

Compared to this large group of classmates who were worried yet gleeful to watch her get in trouble, she herself seemed completely calm.

“Teacher Lu, are you looking for me for something” Bewildered, Yun Xi raised her eyes in puzzlement to meet Lu Zhiweis gaze.

Lu Zhiwei nodded, then looked at all the classmates gathered around the door, and counted the number of people.

“Everyone is here, so we have an announcement to make.”

Teacher Lu Zhiwei immediately calmed the crowd.

Everyone looked at the teacher, then at Yun Xi, and suddenly became nervous.

“After our organizing committee had made its decision, one of the contestants selected for this training camp was selected in advance to directly represent the national team in the International Biology Olympiad without having to go through the selection process.

This person is Yun Xi.”

“Huh” After the announcement, the group of students suddenly started buzzing with many different conversations.

There were only two places in total.

Now the head of the organizing committee had directly selected Yun Xi to be one of them.

The remaining one had to be selected from among the 49 of them, who were left so it would be a one in 49 ratio.

This kind of competition was too fierce, too cutthroat, and too cruel.

Yun Xi was completely caught by surprise.

The news came too suddenly, and it was completely unexpected by her.

“Teacher Lu, dont you have to wait until the training is over and choose according to the results Why did they decide now that it should be her”

“Yes! Its obviously a default selection, so isnt it unfair”

“Why does it get to be her This training has just begun.

Who knows how she will perform next”


Various dissatisfied voices were raised in protest.

His facial expression gradually becoming ferocious, Zhou Chengzhe turned and looked at Yun Xi with an incredulous look of disbelief on his face.

The hand that was in his pocket suddenly tightened into a fist.

He raised his head, frowned, and asked in a cold voice, “Teacher Lu, even if she participated in the training camp after getting first place, your organizing committee cant be so partial with a default selection, right This isnt fair to our other students at all!”

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