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Chapter 637: Give Him a Chance to Make a Move

After class, the students left the multimedia classroom one after another.

As Yun Xi passed Zhou Chengzhe, she glanced at him without really meaning to.

Today, he had probably been the person who had had the biggest problem with her being chosen ahead of time.

“Yun Xi, dont act so smug.

I wont lose to you.

Even if there is only one spot left, I will fight you to the end.”

Yun Xi paused.

She couldnt help laughing when she heard him say this.

“Zhou Chengzhe, if you want to treat me as an opponent, it wont work if I dont treat you as an opponent.

Competing with someone who isnt at the same level as I am doesnt interest me at all.”

“You b*tch! Yun Xi, dont act like too much of a bully.”

Her contemptuous words had successfully aroused Zhou Chengzhes anger.

Zhou Chengzhe had already been massively provoked by the extraordinary talent Yun Xi had shown in the video.

At this moment, now that shed provoked him so arrogantly and contemptuously, all his calmness and rationality had been replaced by anger.

“I never bully people who are weaker than I am.” Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and watched indifferently as Zhou Chengzhe lashed out with hostility toward her.

She had encountered many easily agitated and conceited men in her previous life.

He thought he was number one in the world and didnt take anyone else seriously.

Since he didnt have any respect for others at all, then he couldnt blame her for mercilessly crushing his ego with her capabilities.

“Just you wait! There is one place left, and I will definitely get it.

At that time, Ill show you.

I wont lose to you.”

“All right, I will wait and see.”

Tugging at the corners of her mouth, Yun Xi pulled Zhao Yumos arm and the two of them left the academic building together.

“Yun Xi, why did you anger Zhou Chengzhe just now I saw his terrifying expression.

Im really worried about him making another shady move.

You have to be careful.”

Yun Xi squinted, turned her head, and smiled at Zhao Yumo, “Why dont you realize that Ive deliberately angered him so that hell make his move sooner rather than later”

“Arent you worried about those snakes”


Zhou Chengzhe hasnt made a move yet, so I will give him a chance to do it.

Today, Teacher Lu announced a quota, which is a good fuse for him.

According to my hunch, he will do it tonight.

Only after resolving those snakes can he proceed to the next plan.

Otherwise, we will be at his mercy, which is passive and not a good thing.”

“Huh Does he have another trick up his sleeve”

Yun Xi nodded.

“The virus that was flown abroad has been traced.

The Young Marshal said that three are missing.

One was placed by Li Sinuo on your cup, and the whereabouts of the other two are unknown.

Moreover, Zhou Chengzhe and Liang Xinyi are now in cahoots, so Im worried that there will be further shenanigans.

If there are not, that would be the best scenario.

However, just in case there are, we have to take precautions in advance.”

“Then Ill remind everyone not to sleep too deeply at night, otherwise all h*ll will break loose after the snake slips in.”

“Yes, and I will find a suitable reason to talk to the two of them, especially Jian Junling.

She is kind of timid.

If there is a loud disturbance in the bedroom, our plan will fall through.”

There were no classes in the evening, but most of the students went to the classrooms to do practice problems, and, occasionally, the professors would come over to help the students.

After finally finishing their self-study session, Yun Xi and Zhang Peipei agreed to return to the dormitory early.

Once theyd arrived downstairs in the dormitory, the four roommates quickly snuck into a dark corner and walked all the way along a sewer ditch through the alley behind the boys dormitory.

Yun Xi shook the flashlight in her hand and turned her head to look at Jian Junling, who shed thought was the least courageous among them.

“Did you see anything Are you afraid”

Jian Junling shook her head fervently.

“Im a biology student.

Arent they just snakes What is there to be afraid of Besides, these seem to be nonpoisonous snakes.”

Seeing her dismissive expression, Yun Xi couldnt help teasing her, “I had no idea that you are actually quite bold.”

“Ive also dissected snakes before, so I know very clearly about the anatomical structure of snakes.

Theyre nothing frightening.”

“Thats good! Lets wait for the great show were going to see tonight!”

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