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Chapter 638: She Wasnt Even Qualified to Fight Side by Side with Him

The lights in the dormitory were turned off at 11:00 p.m.

Yun Xi stayed up for the entire time and changed positions with Jian Junling, who slept in the lower bunk.

She stayed on guard from the lower bunk.

Because it was a dormitory for new students, their dorms were all on the first floor, and their glass windows were half-open and unlocked.

From 11:00 p.m.

to midnight to 1:00 oclock in the morning, she kept remembering fighting the wolves and the special forces in Area A.

The more she silently recited the gun models that the instructor Zilan had given her, the more concentrated she became, and the less sleepy she turned out to be.

She hadnt actually seen how powerful Mu Feichis marksmanship was with her own eyes.

Whether it was the time General Chen had been attacked or the time he fired several shots in Area A, she hadnt seen him firing with her own eyes, but had only seen the results of his firing.

Whether it was at night or from a helicopter, every shot of his had hit its target.

From reaction speed to night vision, what he reflected were the skills of the best soldier in the country.

No wonder that he was unwilling to fight side by side with her.

It was because she wasnt qualified to fight side by side with him.

She felt very depressed just thinking about it.

The more frustrated she felt, the more the unyielding and uncompromising spirit in her blood boiled like fire.

When the wind blew, the dash of fire began to turn into a prairie fire.

Although her other three roommates had been reminded not to fall asleep, they could barely stay awake all this time.

While she was thinking about sniper rifle models, she heard a slight movement from the window.

Her bed wasnt far from the window, and under the windowsill was one of their desks.

When the night breeze blew, she vaguely smelled the stench of the sewer.

In the dark, her agile eyes flashed slightly, and a cold gleam appeared.

Her knife and flashlight, which were covered by the quilt, were tightly held in her hands.

She waited silently for the figure behind the windowsill to leave.

After he walked away, she sat up in the dark.

The faint yellow light of her flashlight shone on the desk.

She glanced at the black water stain left by the black snake on the desk, then knocked on Jian Junlings bed rail.

“Lingling, wake up!”

Jian Junling, who wasnt deeply asleep, heard her and suddenly opened her eyes and sat up.

She touched the flashlight beside her.

“Whats the matter Did he come” Jian Junling took charge of her nerves and looked at Yun Xi.

“Yes!” Yun Xi nodded and shook the flashlight in her hand.

A beam of light fell on the three black snakes slithering on the ground.

Looking at the snakes on the floor, Jian Junling didnt seem to be frightened.

She just rubbed her nose and frowned, then complained, “They reek! The whole room smells like the sewers.”

Yun Xi called both Zhao Yumo and Zhang Peipei.

Jian Junling got down from the bed and joined her.

“Hit the snakes where it hurts.

Ill help you!”

Yun Xi glanced at her.

“We have to be careful.

Yumo and Peipei, you two get the bag.

After we put the snakes in, immediately fasten it!”

“Dont worry.

Itll be a piece of cake!”

The four girls joined forces.

Yun Xi and Jian Junling caught the snakes, while Zhao Yumo and Zhang Peipei were responsible for tightening the bag containing the snakes.

After a while, the three snakes had been thrown into the white bag.

After Yun Xi tightened the straps, she winked at the other three.

“Okay, lets go to sleep.

Ill take care of the rest.”

“Yun Xi, can you do it The boys dormitory isnt so easy to get into.

What are you going to do”

“I didnt say that I would enter the boys dormitory building.

Dont worry, I have a plan.

Just sleep well tonight, and watch to see how Zhou Chengzhe puts on a good show tomorrow.”

She wasnt a soft-hearted person.

Zhou Chengzhe had repeatedly provoked her, so if she didnt teach him a lesson now, she really wouldnt be living up to her recent training on Tianyu Mountain.

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