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Chapter 639: Useless In Front Of Her!

Chapter 464: Useless In Front Of Her!

In the temporary combat command room, Mu Feichi received a phone call from his butler.

He listened to the request and was left feeling somewhat baffled.

“What does the girl want this medicine for Why did she ask Su Hang for it”

“Young Master, you cant get this kind of medicine easily.

Even though Su is an army doctor, he isnt an expert in this area.

On top of that, you cant prepare this rare type of medicine at just a moments notice.

Miss Yun was in a hurry, so she came to me for help.”

“It sounds like you can get your hands on the medicine.”

That girl needed help and had sought him out this time.

Its really rare for her to do something like that.

Typically, if anything happened, she would solve it by herself.

This made him feel useless in front of her!

The butler smiled at the other end of the phone call.

His tone was full of confidence.

“Young Master, I am sure I can find this medicine.

A fellow I just met told me he has the medicine in hand right now.

He works in the industry all year round, so he knows that the medicine is in stock.”

“Okay, then you go and help her get those things done.

Take Great White with you to Longqi Mountain on Saturday, and she will be there.”

“Great White Are you expecting danger Do you want me to send more people there”

Mu Feichi pondered for a moment.

“Just make sure there are some people in the area so that they can rush over if something happens.”

“Okay, I will issue the instructions!”


The next day, there was a class early in the morning.

The teacher was performing roll call and found out that two of the fifty students were missing.

“Does anyone know where are Zhang Peipei and Jian Junling Why arent they here”

Teacher Xu was in charge of todays morning class.

He flipped through the roll call list in his hand turned to look at Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, youre in the same dormitory as them.

Do you know where they are”

“Teacher Xu, Peipei and Lingling were bitten by a snake last night.

I accompanied them to the hospital and I guess theyll be taking the day off.”

“Snakes Why are there snakes in the academy!”

“We dont know.

They were sleeping last night but were woken up by the snake bites.

The rest of us were so scared that we couldnt go back to sleep all night!”

Teacher Xu was also taken aback that there were snakes in the student dormitory.

“How are the students Are they seriously injured”

“Its not very serious.

The snake isnt poisonous, but they were frightened.

They probably have to take a day off.

The thing is… the snake is still missing.

I dont know if its going to end up in another dorm.

Teacher Xu, what should we do now”

“Dont worry, I will report this to the organizing committee immediately.

To be safe, no one should return to the dormitory for the time being.


Seeing that his plan was successful, Zhou Chengzhe casually added, “Why are they both injured, but you and Zhao Yumo are okay”

Zhao Yumo turned her head when she heard the words, and snorted, “Yun Xi and I slept on the top bunk.

Obviously, the snake couldnt climb up that high.

Anyway, when we got here in the morning, we met the gardener on the campus.

He said that the school regularly sprays insecticide and repellents every month.

Logically, its impossible for the school to have snakes.

And yet, there were suddenly so many snakes in our dormitory.

Teacher Xu, do you think someone brought the snakes to school to deliberately hurt our classmates After all, the competition is so fierce, and everyones fighting for first place… Could someone be devious enough to do that”

“Hmm…” Teacher Xus face changed, but he didnt dare to respond to what Zhao Yumo suggested.

Teacher Xu was just a teaching assistant at Jing University.

Right now, his job was simply to help with the roll call every morning and evening.

He was aware that the school was very strict with repelling rodents, insects, and weeds, and after all his years working there, he had never heard of snakes in the school.

The snakes appeared all of a sudden, and right in the midst of the competition too! Teacher Xu had no choice but to consider the real possibility that a student had purposely brought a snake into school to scare the other students.

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