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Chapter 640: Set A Trap So Seriously

Chapter 645: Set A Trap So Seriously

As soon as Zhao Yumo finished speaking, everyone in the big classroom started buzzing.

Everyone here simply wanted to take part in the competition.

Friendship came first and competition was second.

It was unbelievable to think that someone would go to such great lengths to get a chance to compete abroad.

They must be so unscrupulous!

Zhou Chengzhe realized that his strategy had succeeded.

He jumped up to agree with Zhao Yumos words and began to fan the flames.

“Teacher Xu, Zhao Yumo is right.

If someone deliberately brought snakes into the academy and does whatever it takes to get first place, then the safety of everyone present has been compromised! We need to find out who this person is!”

Zhao Yumo turned her head and pointedly asked him, “Zhou Chengzhe, shouldnt the priority be to find the snake first”

“The campus is so big, so the snake could be anywhere.

Instead of aimlessly looking for it everywhere, the better plan is to find the person who released the snake in the first place!”

“Hmm, all I did was suggest that someone had deliberately brought snakes onto campus.

It was just suspicious and I wasnt sure.

But from your tone, you sound certain that this is not a coincidence.

Zhou Chengzhe, do you know something”

Zhao Yumo was looking straight at Zhou Chengzhe.

Her sharp eyes were bright and inquisitive, as if she was eager to know something she didnt know.

Yun Xi watched the situation intently.

Seeing Zhao YuMo cleverly set a trap for Zhou Chengzhe made her want to laugh.

Because of Zhao Yumos words, all the students in the class were looking at Zhou Chengzhe.

It was as if he really knew something.

Zhou Chengzhe turned his head to address the classmates who looked at him.

He purposely feigned a troubled look, as if he was feeling conflicted over whether or not he should speak.

“I…” Zhou Chengzhe looked at Teacher Xu hesitantly, then lowered his head in conflict.

“Zhou Chengzhe, were all looking out for the school, both students and teachers.

If you know anything, just say it.”

“Im not sure.

I dont think I should say it, or… people might say I wronged her!”

With that said, Zhou Chengzhe raised his head.

“Teacher Xu, let the person in charge of the organizing committee come over and see how to deal with the snake problem! We need to find the snake.

If we dont, then everyone will be worried and afraid!”

He was acting timid and suggesting that he wanted to say more.

He made it clear that he really knew something, but it was difficult to expose the identity of the other party due to her status.

He had piqued everyones curiosity and desire to explore.

Everyone was intrigued!

Yun Xi couldnt help but admire him for pulling off such a good trick!

If only he applied his cunning and smarts to his studies, he might actually beat her in studies.

But its a pity…

With a light chuckle, Yun Xi stood up.

“Teacher Xu, it looks like Zhou Chengzhe is afraid of offending people and reluctant to tell us who it is.

Its better if we invite Teacher Lu and some of the other instructors to discuss how to deal with this matter.

After all, it involves the safety of the students, and two students are already injured.

If this continues, Im afraid that no one will be able to calm down and continue training.”

Teacher Xu wasnt sure how to deal with this matter, and Yun Xis suggestion struck a chord with her.

He nodded and said, “Everyone, stay calm.

Im going to bring Teacher Lu over here! Well give you all an explanation!”

As soon as the teacher left, the classroom started buzzing 3again.

Everyone was worried about their safety, and they wanted to know who could do such a despicable thing.

Several boys poked Zhou Chengzhe in the back to try and get him to talk.

Yun Xi ignored the commotion around her and quietly flipped through the test questions in her hand.

The trap has been set for Zhou Chengzhe, and the venue has been set up for him.

She was looking forward to how this show will turn out!

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