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Chapter 641: Hard Proof Evidence!

Zhou Chengzhe was sitting at the back of the room.

He glared at Yun Xi and sneered at her words.

Just wait till she gets accused of the deed! Well see if she can still be as calm as she right now!

Zhou Chengzhe never fights in battles where he wont have a great chance of winning.

He had put in a lot of effort and energy and had used his connections to find a great deal about their dormitory.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo both liked to sleep on the upper bunk of the beds in the dormitory.

This meant that it would be alright for him to release the snake in the dorm room.

Even if the snake crawled all over to bite people, it wouldnt be able to reach the top bunks.

When a snake bites a person, the victim will have to go to the hospital to see a doctor.

When the teacher does the roll call in the morning, the absent person will inevitably become the target of everyones attention.

It doesnt matter if it was Zhao Yumo or Yun Xi.

As long as everyone in camp knew that someone was bitten by a snake, his plan would be a success.

He could take the opportunity to make a big fuss!

Zhao Yumo wasnt stupid.

There was a reason why she placed second in her grade.

She would be able to quickly realize that someone had released the snakes, and done it with malice.

One of the two top spots in the competition has already been taken by Yun Xi yesterday, so everyone will involuntarily wonder if someone had resorted to shady methods to secure the second top spot.

Yun Xi might be seen as the suspect this time.

She may seem innocent, but she could also be the “boy who cried wolf”!

As expected, Zhao Yumo was misled by him, and this allowed him to take advantage of the situation.

He had successfully aroused everyones suspicions!

As long as everyones attention was caught up in this matter, he would be free to finish setting up his trap!

The next step of his plan was to simply wait for the person in charge of the organizing committee to arrive and search the dormitory thoroughly.

They will then find the “hard proof evidence”!

As long as there was evidence, he would be able to crush that wretched girl Yun Xi!

It took some time, but the person in charge of the organizing committee finally arrived.

Teacher Lu Zhiwei was in charge of most of the things in the camp, and he didnt dare to delay things when such a big incident happened.

After all, it was the training grounds for the winter camp.

If something were to happen, not only would it be impossible to explain to the high schools across the country, but even the organizing committee would lose face!


Lu Zhiwei had learned about the situation from Teacher Xu as he was making his way.

And now that hes here, Teacher Xus job was done.

This situation involved Yun Xi, the first player to be selected to participate in the general competition, so they couldnt be careless.

Standing on the podium, Lu Zhiwei looked at the buzzing classroom.

He knocked his fist on the podium top.

“Everyone be quiet.

Ive caught up with whats happened in school.

Ive asked the gardeners and workers to help search for the whereabouts of the snake.

As a precaution, from now on, no one is allowed back to the dormitory.

Wait until the check has been completed and well announce when it is safe to return.”

Xie Yongfei, who was sitting next to Zhou Chengzhe, was kicked under the desk by Zhou Chengzhe.

He got the hint, and he stood up quickly.

“Teacher Lu, everyone suspects that a student purposely brought snakes into school to hurt people and compete for the top spots.

Even if the snakes are found, who knows if the culprit has more snakes in hand.

And what if they do it again We have eight more days left in camp and our safety cant even be guaranteed!”

“Thats right! Teacher Lu, quickly find a way to expose the culprit!”

“Teacher Lu, classmate Zhou Chengzhe seems to know who it is!”

“Yes, yes! He was just talking about it a few minutes ago.

He didnt dare to reveal who it is, so he must know who it is!”

“Really” Teacher Lu Zhiwei turned to look at Zhou Chengzhe.

He asked the boy to stand up and talk.

“Do you know whats going on”

His facial expression still hesitant and conflicted, Zhou Chengzhe stood up.

He then looked pointedly at Yun Xi and hesitated for a while.

“Im not a hundred percent sure, but on the first day of school, I saw Yun Xi sneaking into the forest.

Ive seen her several times, sneaking down the alleyway behind the boys dormitory.

If it really was her, and she did something so terrible with snakes, theyll be too conspicuous to carry around.

She definitely cant store them in her four-person dormitory.

Perhaps she hid them in the woods”

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