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Chapter 644: He Was Really Too Suspicious

With all kinds of questions still on their minds, the students who had finished breakfast rushed back to the classroom to gather in less than an hour.

Who was the culprit who released the snake Everyone was curious and at the same time, wanted to see the repercussions of such a scandalous move.

Especially since it involved Yun Xi, one of the best competitors.

If she was the one who did it, the organizing committee would have to go to great lengths to fix the problem.

As soon as one hour was up, the organizing committee and Teacher Lu Zhiwei arrived in the classroom, and everyone rushed to the head of the organizing committee to join them.

They saw one of the people in charge carrying a black cage in his hand.

When Zhou Chengzhe saw the black cage, his eyes lit up.

Everything was in place, and the evidence was hard proof.

Hell see how Yun Xi worms her way out this time!

The person in charge of the organizing committee really brought evidence! The classroom suddenly buzzed with life.

“Be quiet, everyone!” Teacher Lu Zhiwei banged on the podium to stop the noisy discussion.

“The organizing committee will give you all an explanation regarding the snakes in the female dormitory,”

With that said Teacher Lu looked at Zhou Chengzhe.

“Classmate Zhou Chengzhe, we found this black cage in the sewer in the forest behind the boys dormitory, according to the evidence you provided.

There were indeed two black snakes in there.”

Teacher Lus words made all the students focus their attention on Yun Xi.

“Teacher Lu, I told you I wasnt seeing things.

It really was her,” said Zhou Chengzhe.

Zhou Chengzhe couldnt wait to plant the charge on Yun Xi at once.

He almost stood up at this moment.

Lu Zhiwei glared at him and waved his hand to signal him to calm down.

The teacher continued speaking: “In addition, we searched the girls dormitory and found a black glove behind the window of Yun Xis dormitory building.

It has the same smell of the sewer as this cage does.”

Zhou Chengzhe was taken aback for a moment.

He remembered that he used the gloves to catch the snakes, but he had thrown them in the trash can.

How did they appear behind Yun Xis dormitory

Could a wild animal have brought it there

If this was the case, then he could pin one more crime on her, which would make her appear even more guilty and hit the nail on the coffin!

He couldnt help feeling very smug just thinking about this.

He felt like God was standing by his side to help him this time!

“Perhaps she was in a hurry, and she accidentally dropped them after letting the snake go.”

Teacher Lu Zhiwei glanced at Zhou Chengzhe aloofly.

The eager and aggressive look on his face deepened his suspicion of him.

But when he looked at Yun Xi, he realized that she had kept quiet and never defended herself throughout the entire fiasco.

In fact, even in the face of the doubts and discussions of all the classmates, there wasnt the slightest emotional fluctuation on her calm face.

It was as if all this had nothing to do with her.

She was neither anxious to defend herself, nor was she anxious to condemn others.

On her youthful face, he saw a look of indifference that was uncharacteristic of her age.

If it werent for a true clear conscience, it would be difficult to be so calm and at ease in this kind of situation.

And this Zhou Chengzhe, he was behaving really suspiciously!

He couldnt even finish his sentence, but Zhou Chengzhe jumped out in such a hurry to plant the charges on Yun Xi.

Since he was so impatient and desperate, he came across even more suspicious.

He didnt believe that there wasnt anything guilty about him!

“In regards to that, well be discussing it later, Teacher Lu Zhiwei said calmly.

Lu Zhiwei then turned to Yun Xi.

“Did you see a few snakes last night What color were the snakes”

“The three were all brownish-black.” Yun Xi didnt speak, but Zhao Yumo spoke instead.

Lu Zhiwei nodded and continued to say, “We found three black snakes in snakeskin bags under the bed in the boys dormitory.

There was also the smell of sewage water inside.

I think they were brought into the academy along with the batch of snakes in the sewer cage!”

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