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Chapter 645: What Clever Method Would She Use To Resolve It

Upon hearing that the three black snakes had been found in the boys dormitory, Zhou Chengzhe was overcome by a bad feeling.

He clenched his hands nervously, raised his head, and asked, “Mr.

Lu, did you really find the snakes that wounded our classmates”

This was impossible!

Even if the three snakes had escaped the girls dormitory, they would not be able to travel so far away to the boys dormitory.

And how did they end up in a snakeskin bag and then placed under a bed

All this could only mean one thing: that someone had caught the three snakes!

He couldnt wait to find out whose bed the snakes were hidden under.

The uneasiness in his subconscious deepened layer by layer.

He could tell, somehow, that this situation wasnt going to end very well for him.

On top of that, Yun Xis abnormally calm attitude made him feel even more anxious.

Lu Zhiweis sharp eyes swept towards Zhou Chengzhe.

“Yes! We found these three snakes under your bed!” His face was serious and somber.

“And now, our organizing committee needs to piece together what happened!”

“No! This is impossible! They must be framing me,” Zhou Chengzhe shouted out.

The three snakes were found under his bed.

Zhou Chengzhe could not sit still as he was filled with anxious energy.

He knew he needed to jump up and distance himself from this matter immediately!

“The boys dormitory and the girls dormitory are so far apart.

If there was even a slim chance that the three snakes managed to slither over, its impossible that no one noticed them! And the snakes were in a bag and thrown under my bed… Its obvious that it was planted there.

Its clear that someone is trying to frame me! Dont tell me you cant see that, Teacher Lu”

“Yun Xi, how do you explain this”

Lu Zhiwei looked at Yun Xi.

Even if he believed that she was innocent, it would not be easy to prove if she just kept silent, and acted as if the matter had nothing to do with her.

In fact, he really wanted to see how this talented girl would explain herself.

She had already won the international award, so what would she do to resolve this framing incident.

Yun Xis fierce, sharp eyes were hard to read and didnt show what her plan was.

But it was definitely not the eyes of someone who was helpless.

Sure enough, Lu Zhiwei watched her stand up from her chair, and her previously aloof attitude was replaced by a righteous and intimidating one.

Her clear eyes had an imposing and majestic aura.

“They found the snake-catching gloves behind the window sill of our dormitory, and Zhou Chengzhe said it might have been dropped when I released the snake.

It is possible that he deliberately stayed back and planted them to frame me Later, he said he saw me sneaking into the forest.

I denied and some classmates testified for me.

Is it possible that Zhou Chengzhe deliberately planted them and framed me Next, the snakes were found under Zhou Chengzhes bed.

Once again he accused me of framing him.

Everyone is suspected ofcalling catch the thief despite being the thief, and suspected of framing each other.”

Zhou Chengzhe was angry.

“Yun Xi, you did it yourself so just admit it.

How dare you frame me like this! You already got the place in the finals for yourself, yet you wont allow others to fight for it Do you have to use this method to frame me and hurt others!”

Her face indifferent, Yun Xi shrugged and turned her head slightly to look at the aggressive Zhou Chengzhe.

“I wont deny it.

I did put the snakes under your dormitory bed.

However, I didnt bring the snakes into the school to hurt people.

They were let into our dormitory last night.

The four of us caught them together.”

While speaking, Yun Xi took out her phone and dialed a number.

After a while, Zhang Peipei and Jian Junling walked in.

Upon seeing them both, Lu Zhiwei was also a little surprised.

“Didnt these two get bitten by snakes last night”

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