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Chapter 647: Drag Her To Die Together!

With that said, Yun Xi dipped her hands straight into the C acid solution.

She swished her hands around nonchalantly.

A few seconds later, she lifted her tender hands and shook off the remaining liquid.

She then raised her hands in front of everyone.

The palms and the backs of her hands did not react in any way, and even the nail seams where the chemical substances were most likely to remain did not change color.

Zhou Chengzhe glanced at her, and he couldnt keep calm anymore.

“No! Thats impossible! Didnt she say that she caught the snake last night She must have touched the snakes! And the snakes must have been stained with sewer water too.

Why didnt her hands react at all”

Her eyes cold and aloof, Yun Xi glanced at Zhou Chengzhe lightly.

She liked to push people to the edge of despair, bit by bit.

And right now, she enjoyed watching him dying in despair.

And especially because it was Zhou Chengzhe, a man who climbed the social ladders and a man who didnt know right from wrong.

If he had studied attentively at the beginning and didnt provoke her, perhaps he wouldnt be in this situation today.

Yun Xi had never been a kind person, and now, she would ruin his future.

And he had no right to blame her for being too ruthless.

In this life, she would be cruel to others, but even more cruel to herself!

“It was Yumo and Lingling who caught the snakes last night.

If you dont believe me, let them do the experiment on their hands.” As she spoke, Yun Xi winked at Zhao Yumo and Jian Junling, and the two of them put their hands into the aqueous solution.

Seeing the two of them lifting up their discolored fingers, Zhou Chengzhe, panicked and nervous, clenched his fists then involuntarily stepped back.

Behind him was another classmates desk, so he bumped into it and fell into the seat.

“Since we have all tried the experiment, Zhou Chengzhe, it seems like youre the only one left with the most amount of suspicion.

So now its your turn to give it a go.”

Zhou Chengzhes hands were curled up in his pockets and he clenched them into tight fists.

He wanted to retreat, but the road behind him was blocked by Yun Xi!

Yun Xi glanced at Zhou Chengzhes evasive look.

His cold eyes were full of panic, as if he was thinking of ways to clean up the mess he had caused.

Zhang Peipei studied Zhou Chengzhes sheepish appearance.

Although she had learned from Yun Xi that the snakes were released by Zhou Chengzhe, she was still a little shaken up.

She turned around and took the C acid solution from the teacher, then walked directly towards Zhou Chengzhe.

“What, you dare to carry out such horrible deeds but you dont have the guts to own up to it Or do you not have a guilty conscience”

Standing in front of Zhou Chengzhe, Zhang Peipei snorted coldly.

“Hurry up then! Youre just wasting everyones time.

If its not you and it was someone else, why are you so nervous”

She suddenly took advantage of Zhou Chengzhes hesitation and she grabbed pull his hand out of his pocket and placed it directly into the basin.

Before Zhou Chengzhe could even reach, his right hand was already soaking into the solution.

Immediately, Teacher Lu Zhiwei walked over to see the results.

He watched as Zhou Chengzhes hand gradually turn brownish-yellow.

The teacher furrowed his eyebrows and pulled out Zhou Chengzhes hand.

“Zhou Chengzhe, how do you explain this”

Teacher Lus deep voice snapped Zhou Chengzhe out of his trance.

Zhou Chengzhe stared at his hand, then suddenly retracted them and reflexively hid his wet hand in his pocket.

All he could think of was the fact that he would lose his opportunity to participate in the finals.

Zhou Chengzhe couldnt help but feel flustered and unease.

If he could participate in the finals, there was a high chance he would get a scholarship to study abroad in the future!

This was his ultimate dream in life!

But this dream has now been crushed by Yun Xi!

No! He wasnt willing to give up! He was not going to lose the best opportunity of his life because of a silly thing like this!

“Teacher Lu, I… I have no idea whats going on! Yun Xi must have done something to frame me!”

At this point, in front of the fifty classmates in the class and so many heads of the organizing committee, he didnt know how to explain himself.

In the end, he decided that if he was to go down, he was going to drag Yun Xi down with him!

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