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Chapter 649: She Indeed Schemed Against Zhou Chengzhe!

Chapter 655: She Indeed Schemed Against Zhou Chengzhe!

“Yun Xi, why did you frame me I have no grievances with you.

Youve already won first place in the finals, so why wont you just let me go”

Perhaps it was because he knew that he had no other moves to make, and thats why Zhou Chengzhe ignored the advice from the organizing committee and teachers.

He angrily grabbed Yun Xis arm and shouted out his question.

His fingers dug fiercely into Yun Xis arm, even though she was wearing a thick down jacket.

Yun Xi furrowed her eyebrows slightly, brushed away his hand, and retreated behind Teacher Lu.

“Zhou Chengzhe, I have a question for you too,” she replied.

“I have no grievances with you, so why did you put snakes in our dormitory Even if you cant stand me why go through such petty ways If you think you can beat me in the college entrance examination, then why didnt you just go through that instead”

“Thats enough!” Teacher Lu interrupted Zhou Chengzhe before he could reply.

He then addressed Yun Xi, “Our organizing committee will deal with this matter.

You can go back to class.”

“Alright, Teacher Lu.”

Yun Xi turned and made her way back to class.

She missed the vicious look that flashed in Zhou Chengzhes eyes.

She didnt really care about how the organizing committee would deal with Zhou Chengzhes affairs.

He had ruined his chances of getting the single remaining place in the competition, and it had nothing to do with her!

If it really concerned her, then it was only a little bit.

Simply because… she indeed had schemed against Zhou Chengzhe!

The truth was that C acid solution wouldnt actually react with sewer grease after all!

She had gone to the butler to get discoloration liquid.

That liquid reacts with C acid to change color.

So as long as someone touched the liquid, it would turn brown when reacting with C acid.

She had sprayed the discoloration liquid on the cage in advance so that the teacher who found the cage inadvertently got stained with the color-changing liquid.

She had then asked Zhang Peipei and Jian Junling to dye their hands with the liquid.

As for Zhou Chengzhe, it was even simpler.

She sprayed the water solution around his desk earlier that day.

Anything he touched on his desk would stain his hands.

She didnt even need to put in that much effort to come up with this plan.

It was his own guilty conscience that betrayed him.

He was so arrogant that he thought his plan had succeeded and he would get her kicked out.

Because of that, he didnt use his brains to think about the grand scheme of things.

And now, he was implicated.

It was all his doing, so he cant blame her for being ruthless in her response!


Back at the dormitory, Zhou Chengzhe sat down on his bed in frustration.

His chest felt like it was burning with fire.

Why! How did Yun Xi get a spot in the finals, but he got kicked out of the winter camp!

He wasnt ready to concede just yet!

If this matter was reported back to his school, then he would lose his reputation.

How was he to continue studying in the second half of the year!

“Yun Xi, you b*tch!”

Even her name seemed to burn the last shreds of his reasoning.

Suddenly, he jumped up, knocking the chair in front of him to the ground.

He was overwhelmed with all kinds of worries and was starting to panic so frantically that he pulled at his hair.

He suddenly thought of one last move he could take.

He jumped, raced out of the dormitory, and inserted a calling card into the public phone outside.

He dialed the number.

In the living room of the Yun familys house, a phone rang.

The housekeeper answered the call and found out that it was for Liang Xinyi.

She thoughtfully asked who the other party was before calling Liang Xinyi over.

Liang Xinyi came to answer the phone, believing that it was her class monitor on the other line.

She didnt realize who it was until she heard the voice coming through.

“Whats the matter” She clutched the phone and carefully glanced at the housekeeper, who had entered the kitchen.

“I was expelled by the Winter Camp Organizing Committee.

I need your help.

As long as I can kill that b*tch Yun Xi, I am willing to pay any price!”

Although Liang Xinyi didnt know what happened, she could hear the anguish in Zhou Chengzhes voice.

She knew that he too, must have suffered in Yun Xis hands.

“I see.

Wait for me and I will call you back later.”

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