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Chapter 651: Accidental Prey

The 49 students had been divided into two groups.

Each group was led by two chaperones and two teachers.

At the reserve, the group got into four electric cars.

Yun Xi was talking to Zhao Yumo, and they fell behind.

The reserve was divided into three parts.

One part was an animal sanctuary, one was a wetland sanctuary, and the third a forest sanctuary.

The animal sanctuary mainly studied macaques and forest birds.

This was the first time that anyone had ever come out to visit this scenic spot on a professional learning visit, so the staff were excited and looking forward to it.

Because of the recent heavy snowfall, the reserve was closed to tourists.

The students had gotten this opportunity to come and inspect the reserve because the organizing committee of the winter camp and the person in charge of the reserve had negotiated to arrange the trip.

Yun Xi looked around carefully all the time she was in the car.

When she had been kidnapped in her previous life, after shed escaped shed run into this forest in a panic.

She remembered the ancient stone bridge outside the forest from her last life.

In that life, the forest bridge had been strengthened, but the stream under the bridge had dried up and was overgrown with weeds.

Now, in this life, she watched as a stream rushed under the bridge.

The sound of the running stream was mellifluous.

On each side of the stream, there were icy ridges that gleamed under the sun.

The forest they were visiting was outside the reserve, and after getting out of the car, she could see macaques jumping throughout the snow-covered trees in twos and threes.

The cars couldnt enter the forest, so everyone got out of the car.

“Dont get too close to the macaques.

They bite if you get too close and bother them.”

After numerous instructions from the staff, the students were led along an open mountain road into the forest.

As she was about to start climbing up the mountain road, Yun Xi noticed a large pine cone on the ground.

She detoured to pick it up and, as she returned to the group, she suddenly noticed a white lump to her right.

The lump had been camouflaged by being covered with snow, and no one would have been able to notice it if one hadnt been as vigilant as Yun Xi was.

She quickly ran over and took a look.

As she got closer, she realized that it was a vehicle covered by snow.

She walked up to the engine and touched it.

It was still hot.

The license plate of the car had been hidden by a piece of metal.

It didnt look like a car that had been driven by an ordinary traveler.

And the person in charge of the reserve had said that the mountain was closed to tourists.

How could there be cars that could get in and out

And even be hidden in this remote place.

She made a small opening in the snow and looked at the back seat.

There was nothing there but a long, green army-style canvas bag that had been thrown there.

The length and style of the bag reminded her of the sniper rifle bags Mu Feichis team used.

They looked similar in style to this one, and, from its length, it didnt look like it contained hiking sticks.

SUV, sniper rifle, hidden…

A series of words flashed through her mind, and, subconsciously, she felt a little uneasy.

The state prohibited private guns.

It was impossible that the staff of the reserve would allow anyone to enter for their personal training.

But from what Yun Xi could discern from this car, someone must have entered this reserve with a gun.

This car could only seat five people at most.

However, if whoever belonged to the car wanted to cause panic and chaos, even with only five people they could cause a lot of destruction on their group of accidental prey.

Not daring to think too much more about this, she ran back to the team quickly.

“Yun Xi, where have you been” Zhao Yumo lowered her voice and asked her.

Yun Xi shook the big pine cone that shed picked up.

“I went to pick this up.

This is the first time Ive ever seen such a big pine cone.

I was very curious.”

She slowed down, walking at the back of the group.

Yun Xi pulled on Zhao Yumos sleeve and winked at her.

The two of them had been friends for a long time, and they maintained an incredible tacit understanding.

With only one glance, Zhao Yumo could understand that she had something to say.

“Yumo, the mountains might not be safe.

Be on your guard.”

“What do you mean”

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