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Chapter 652: With Her Current Abilities, She Probably Wouldnt Be Able to Escape

“I just saw a car hidden over there, with a bag for sniper rifles on the back seat.

Maybe someone is lying in wait on the mountain.”

“No…no way.

Didnt they just tell us that the mountain was closed How could anyone have gotten in”

“I dont know, but be on your guard and dont forget everything that Second Master Jiang has taught you.”

As soon as she heard that the skills that Second Master Jiang had taught her could be needed, Zhao Yumo knew that things were serious.

“Do you want to tell the teachers or anyone else There are so many people in our group.

What if something goes wrong”

“I dont want to cause panic because it could be unnecessary.

Im not sure yet, and, if nothing happens, wont the two of us be condemned by the class Didnt you see that everyone was super-excited to be here”


“Its okay, dont worry, just be careful!”

Yun Xi glanced all around, paying special attention to the commanding heights around her.

Since the other party had brought a sniper rifle, they would definitely have chosen a high location in which to fire it.

However, it wasnt clear what the other party was here for or who the target was, so she could only be on her guard.

In the temporary combat command room, Mu Feichi was discussing the final finishing-up work with Feng Rui.

Except for the three that had been stolen, all the virus test tubes had been recovered.

The whereabouts of Crocodile hadnt been traced so far, so it wasnt good for them to delay things further here.

Their purpose behind coming here this time was to recover the virus and follow the trail to discover the whereabouts of Crocodile.

“Young Marshal!” Holding an emergency phone in his hand, Qi Yuan entered in a hurry.

Before he could catch his breath, he handed over some documents in his hand.

“There is news about those mercenaries! Look!”

Mu Feichi scanned the information, and his dark eyes suddenly looked troubled.

Feng Rui glanced over and asked casually, “Whats the matter Has the group of mercenaries who tried to assassinate General Chen appeared”

“Yes, and they havent sent very many people out this time.

There are only five of them, and all of them have gone to Longqi Mountain.”

“Whaaat Thats bad!” Suddenly realizing something, Mu Feichi threw down the file in his hand and rushed to see Grey Wolf.

“Immediately pull up all the surveillance footage of the Longqi Mountain Reserve, and, along the way, inform the nearest Silver Eagle team over there.

Have them send people in a rush to Longqi Mountain and send me their position after arriving.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Young Marshal, whats the matter”

Qi Yuan and Feng Rui had followed him to see Grey Wolf.

The mercenaries had appeared so suddenly, and the Young Marshal was so anxious, so obviously something was wrong.

“The girl happens to be doing a biological field study on Longqi Mountain today.

All the students from the winter camp, at least 50 people, are there.

The group of mercenaries must be targeting her.”

Feng Rui was taken aback.

“Isnt that a bit too much of a coincidence”

“It is possible that theyre really targeting her.

The mercenaries have so few people: Only five people in total.

Its clear that they have a small target.”

It doesnt require too many people to take care of a young girl, and the more people there were, the more conspicuous they would be, and it wouldnt be easy for them to retreat.

If they were really targeting the girl, five against one, with her current abilities, she probably wouldnt be able to escape.

And there were so many teachers and students there.

If there was really an accident…

“Grey Wolf, locate that girls cell phone and see where she is now.

Send her real-time location to Silver Eagle, so they can find her in the shortest possible time and she wont have any accidents.”


Long Qishans surveillance system has been hacked into.

Young Marshal, look…”

“Cut to the big screen.”

Mu Feichi stood upright and looked at the lit-up command and combat screen.

On the screen, there were many cars entering and leaving the reserve, so it was impossible to tell which one it was.

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