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Chapter 653: Shes Their Target


Yuns phone location is also on Longqi Mountain.”

Grey Wolf cut to the location address on the big screen.

Mu Feichi anxiously dialed the number.

Perhaps it was because of bad reception in the mountains, but the phone call didnt go through.

Mu Feichi turned and handed the phone to Feng Rui.

“Feng Rui, you continue.

No matter how many times you dial, get through to her phone.”

“Yes, Boss!” Feng Rui answered without delay.

Mu Feichi stared solemnly at the big screen.

“Grey Wolf, contact Silver Eagle and send them the address of the girl.”

“Already contacted them, you can talk to Jin Lei directly, Young Marshal.”

The screen quickly cut to the Silver Eagle teams locale.

The Silver Eagle team captain Jin Lei was sitting in a helicopter holding a laptop and reporting loudly in real time.

“Young Marshal, we are now on our way to Longqi Mountain.

If there arent any accidents, we can be there in 25 minutes.”

“Follow the location were sending you to find her.

The other party has five people.

Im not sure if there is a sniper.

Be careful!”


After ending the call, Mu Feichi called his butler.

“Take Great White to Longgi Mountain immediately.”

“Young Master, we are already in the reserve.”

“You stay at the foot of the mountain, let Great White go to Yun Xi.

She is in danger now.

I will follow the positioning chip on Great Whites body at all times.”

“Okay, Ill take him over.”

His deep eyes fixed on the screen, Mu Feichi put his hands in his pockets, and the worry on his handsome face was reflected by the blue light of the screen.

He had the intimidating aura of a mature man, and his imposing presence made Feng Rui and Qi Yuan, who were behind him, not dare to approach him.

The incident had happened suddenly, and they werent in the country.

The other party were well-trained mercenaries.

If something really happened to the girl, the Young Marshal would probably go on a rampage again.

In the Longqi Mountains animal reserve, Yun Xi, pretending to record like a tourist as she observed the commanding heights, absentmindedly followed a group of people.

Zhao Yumo cautiously covered her.

She leaned over, asking a question, “How is it going Did you find anything”

“Not yet.

It would be best if everything was fine.

Im just worried that it isnt.”

Once there was an accident, there were too many people here to take any kind of action.

After watching the heights for a while, she saw something just as she moved her gaze.

Suddenly, she saw a sharp light flashing from a commanding height on her right side.

She was taken aback for a moment.

She turned and spoke to Zhao Yumo as a pretense to cover her examination of the heights.

Now, she observed it carefully.

As shed expected, it was the reflection of a guns scope under the sunlight!

There were so many people here at this moment that the other party wouldnt dare to start firing now.

She was just curious.

Who was the other partys target

Among this group of students and teachers, no one should have had the ability to offend a sniper with a gun.

If he was an assassin, then it must have cost a lot of money to engage him.

To think about it, among all of them, the only people who could be regarded as targets were either her or Zhao Yumo.

Yumos family was extremely complicated.

She had some uncles with ties to the mafia, but she had been very low-key recently and shouldnt be a target of anyone wanting to get rid of her.

So…the only possibility was that she was the target.

Among the people she had offended recently, apart from Crocodile, the drug lord, were only those mercenaries who they had accidentally run into on Christmas Eve.

Those mercenaries all had guns and their marksmanship was top-notch, but she didnt think she should have become a target because of that incident.

Even if theyd wanted to settle accounts and seek revenge, it seems that they would have to find Mu Feichi.

What were they doing looking for her

Without thinking, she glanced at the teacher and the person in charge of the reserve, who had finished recording and were about to move on to another part of the reserve.

She winked at Yumo.

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