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Chapter 655: Shot

As soon as she stood up, Yun Xi saw a greyish white figure rushing from her right side.

Before she was able to assimilate that she was really seeing him, Great White had rushed over.

“Great White!” Holding on tightly to Great White, who had thrown himself into her arms, Yun Xis face was full of joy and surprise.

This guy had actually found her from her scent alone.

The butler had been so brave, and he had let Great White go and find her all

by himself.

He hadnt been afraid of him being captured for research purposes.

“D*mn, how did he find you” Upon seeing the adorable Great White wrapped in Yun Xis arms, Zhao Yumo was shocked.

“How astonishing that is that he could find you!”

“All I can say is that his master trained him very well!”

Yun Xi touched Great Whites head and finally stood up.

Her eyes shone as she looked at Great White, who had grown into an adult snow leopard.

“Great White, why are you here Go back! Its dangerous here, so you cant follow us.”

Just as Yun Xi tried to persuade Great White to return to the butlers side, a low muffled bang sounded in the woods.

Yun Xi unconsciously turned and looked at the commanding heights of a snipers position and subconsciously threw Zhao Yumo out of the way.

At this moment, she had been right in front of the snipers position, but Zhao Yumo had been blocking her, so she had been destined to be the first hit of the sniper.

In the blink of an eye, bullets shot through the air…

Due to her protective instincts, she was able to block Zhao Yumo.

However, as she threw Zhao Yumo to the ground, a bullet pierced her shoulder.

“Aaah…” The pain caused by the bullet penetrating her shoulder made Yun Xi almost bite through her lips.

“Yun Xi!” Zhao Yumo reacted immediately and hurriedly dragged her to the other side of the slope.

Now the steep slope was blocking them from both of the snipers on the higher ground.

The smell of blood entered the air.

Great White smelled the blood, and when he saw that Yun Xi had been wounded, he suddenly became mad.

“Great White!” Gritting her teeth and dealing with the pain in her right shoulder, Yun Xi yelled to him in a low voice, then raised her left hand and touched Great Whites head.

“Calm down, calm down…” Great White opened his mouth, licked her cold and trembling hand, and howled in a low tone.

Yun Xi thought she had calmed him down, but next thing she knew he had turned around and raced toward the snipers position.

“Great White! D*mn it!” Yun Xi watched Great Whites figure disappear into the snow, and her heart leapt into her throat.

The speed at which the sniper aimed at its target usually took 0.5 seconds.

There was only one thing in her mind now.

She hoped that when Mu Feichi had trained Great Whites hunting speed, he had trained it to be faster than the speed at which the sniper aimed at its target.

Otherwise, he would become the next target to be hit.

“Yun Xi, how are you Why are you so stupid”

Shed just taken a shot for her, and shed barely had time to react.

At such a critical moment, she felt that she was really useless.

Looking at Yun Xi, whose neck was stained with blood, Zhao Yumo felt panicked and anxious.

Her hands trembled as she wondered how to help.

“Help me get my backpack.

I have first-aid supplies in my bag.”

Yun Xi stiffened her neck and gritted her teeth.

The tingling in her shoulder made her entire hand feel numb.

“Dont be nervous.

Do as I say.

The bullet didnt hit any of my vitals.

It just penetrated through, so as long as the bleeding stops, I will be fine.”

“Okay…” Zhao Yumo nodded, carefully removed her backpack, and took out a large bag of first-aid supplies from inside.

“First look for scissors, then look for hemostatic powder in a white glass bottle.

Cut my clothes and sprinkle the powder on the wound.

Its easy, so you can definitely do it.”

“This I know…”

Even though she tried to calm herself down again and again, Zhao Yumo was feeling panicky since this was the first time shed faced such a situation.

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