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Chapter 659: Chapter 665: Let You Go Back Alive?

There will always be deviations between expectations and reality.

What Yun Xi hadnt expected was that the other party wouldnt be stupid either.

Among the remaining four people, theyd only sent one person over.

Yun Xi lay on the snow looking at the slowly approaching figure through her sniper rifle.

She had tied Alan to a tree, and under the tree were Great White and Zhao Yumo, who were waiting for the opportunity to strike.

The person who was coming over looked around, but didnt see Yun Xi.

He only saw Alan tied to a tree, and without anticipating foul play, he rushed over.

Yun Xi glanced at this foolish man, and from her firing position, she let a shot go using her left hand.

Her goal wasnt to hit the target.

With her current marksmanship skills, there was no way she would be able to hit the target.

So she fired a shot, and the bullet made a direct hit on the stump at Alans feet.

Hearing the gunshot, the man fell to the ground and moved to hide behind Alan.

Yun Xi took this opportunity to fire a second shot, but the bullet missed once again and rammed into the ground at the guys feet.

The man stepped back instinctively, but he didnt realize that there was a steep slope behind him, and he fell down it.

At this moment, Zhao Yumo shouted to Great White, “Great White, come on!”

Great White leaped forward and bit the neck of the man who had fallen down the slope.

The man was taken completely aback.

He definitely hadnt expected that there was a fierce leopard here.

Just as he instinctively reacted and reached out his hand to shoot, Great White turned and bit his wrist.

Great Whites speed was so fast that the man had no chance to react at all.

Yun Xi threw down her gun and ran over quickly.

She slid directly down the slope and, with her knife in hand, quickly slashed the mans other hand.

Now both his hands were injured.

One was scratched, and the other was bitten.

The man who was being pressed down by Great White into the snow looked in horror at this little girl whod suddenly appeared in front of him.

Then he looked at the ferocious snarling leopard that was standing there close to him.

His eyes widened in fear, and he didnt dare to move.

Yun Xi took the opportunity to turn around and say to Zhao Yumo, “Yumo, tie him up!”

Shed just fired two shots, so the remaining three people who were lying in ambush must have heard.

She assumed they werent going to get close now.

Zhao Yumo took the rope out of Yun Xis bag and quickly tied the man to another tree.

The man looked up and saw Alan, who was completely unresponsive with matted blood on his head, and he realized that he had fallen into a trap.

It was too late now.

Yun Xi looked at the man who was staring at her with a dazed expression, and she finally understood why they had sent him to die.

Since he was so stupid, it was no wonder that he would be used by the others as a tool.

“Who are you What did you do to Alan”

“Hes dead.

Werent you trying to take my life Why do you still ask who I am” Yun Xi sat down on the snow and kicked him hard.

“I had no idea that you were this stupid.

Your three other teammates have sent you here to die, and you just came without even thinking about it.

If I were able to subdue Alan, did you think that if you came, Id let you go back alive”

Seeing that she was about to play dirty, the man suddenly became very anxious.

“You…youre going back on your promise!”

“With people like you, why should I keep my promise However, if you tell me who hired you to kill me, I will let you live.

Otherwise, you should know my Great White beast isnt a vegetarian.”

While speaking, Yun Xi glanced at Great White, who was sitting next to her.

Great White cooperated with her, mustering a fierce expression and growling as he stepped forward.

The man was so frightened that his face turned pale, and he stared at Great White in horror.

“I…we just received an order from somewhere above us to hunt you down, but we dont even know who our employer is.

Our boss collects the money from him.

I was just sent out to get the deed done.

I really dont know anything.”

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