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Chapter 661: He Might Have Hidden Potential

Great White stood quietly beside the man.

One tall and one short, one person and one beast, they looked inexplicably harmonious.

From her angle, the man appeared to stand tall and straight.

His eyes looked down at her from above as he sized her up.

Perhaps it was because he was facing the sun, but the mans proud figure stood alone on the top of the cliff as magnificent as an enormous green pine.

“Are you Yun Xi” The mans magnetic voice sounded in the cold air.

“I am…” Yun Xi stood up and met his fierce gaze.

“Are you from the Special Forces”

“Yes! My name is Jin Lei.

The Young Marshal has asked me to pick you up.

The three mercenaries at the foot of the mountain have been dealt with.”

Jin Lei glanced at the blood on her neck, and his dark eyes looked troubled.

“Are you injured”

“Its okay, the bleeding has stopped.

It can wait to be dealt with after we get down the mountain.”

Yun Xi smiled and finally then she came back to her senses.

Now that Jin Lei had come, she was finally relieved.

And, interestingly, now that she had allowed her body to relax from its tense state, she had also become extremely tired.

“Theres another prisoner here.

I think it could still prove useful to keep him, so dont hurt him.”

This kids sense of hearing was different from that of ordinary people, and he was very familiar with guns.

Although he looked like a fool, he wasnt useless.

Perhaps…he might have hidden potential.

She had no experience in interrogating prisoners, but that didnt mean that none of Mu Feichis people wouldnt be able to interrogate him and maybe find something useful.

Several other special forces members came over, and a man standing behind Jin Lei handed over a laptop to him.

“The Young Marshal wants to see her!”

Jin Lei glanced at Yun Xis appearance, nodded at her, and handed her the laptop as she approached him.

Mu Feichis gloomy handsome face appeared on the laptop screen, and he finally saw the girl he had been worried about.

Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he saw her neck and face were covered with blood.

His sharp eyes got very serious and the anxiety in his voice came over the microphone, “Are you injured”

Even though he wasnt here in person, this man who was tens of thousands of miles away had still sent someone to rescue her in time.

She felt very relieved.

After no longer having to worry about her safety, she relaxed her tensed-up nerves, and her pale face smiled.

Although she didnt feel any pain in her arms, she felt extremely tired.

“Its just a surface injury, so I can just go down the mountain and deal with it.

Dont worry…”

Her eyes suddenly became sore and heavy.

She blinked and shook her head slightly.

Before she opened her eyes, she fell onto the snow.

“Yun Xi!”

The exclamations on both sides of the camera were mixed with the muffled sounds of her hitting the ground.

Mu Feichi looked at the camera that had fallen on the snowy ground in the shuffling around that followed her fall.

On the monitor, he had seen her fall to the ground with her eyes closed tightly and her stubborn little face had no color.

Upon seeing this scene, Mu Feichi couldnt tell what he felt in his heart.

The sense of panic that flashed through him was as if the sky was falling.

It caught him off guard.

He tightened his hands abruptly, took a deep breath to suppress the crazy desire to rush back this instant, grit his teeth to suppress the heartache in his chest, and said solemnly, “Jin Lei! Take her to the hospital right away.

Ill start back right now!”

Jin Lei didnt dare to delay.

He notified the helicopter to come get them, but he didnt expect two helicopters to stop at the same time.

A figure slid out of the helicopter quickly, and Jiang Chenghuan, who had been late, saw several figures standing not that far away, so he ran over quickly.

“Youre okay” He glanced at Zhao Yumo, then at Yun Xi, who had passed out.

He frowned.

“Ive brought a medical team on my helicopter.

Come on and get on.”

Jin Lei nodded and followed him immediately.

He fastened the two onto the hovering rope, the person on top of the helicopter raised his head and nodded, and the rope began to lift off.

This young girl he was taking care of was more important than anyone else in the world.

Before the Young Marshal came back, no one would dare to be careless with her in the slightest!

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