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Chapter 665: Femme Fatale

During Yun Xis period of recuperation, Zhao Yumo and Jiang Chenghuan came to visit her every day.

Mu Feichi really thought their PDA was getting to be too much, and so, after a while, he prevented them from coming up the mountain.

Standing in the doorway, Yun Xi looked at Great White, who was happily rolling around in the snow, then at the man standing next to her.

Her wound felt particularly painful in the winter cold.

“Young Marshal, why wont you teach me how to shoot Look at what happened to me this time.

If I had known how to shoot, maybe I wouldnt have been so unlucky.”

“Whether you could shoot or not has nothing to do with what happened this time.

Even though you didnt know how to shoot, didnt you resolve the crisis”

“Thats completely meaningless.

If I hadnt known anything, I wouldnt have come back alive this time.”

“Then what do you mean”

“Didnt you say before that you would teach me how to shoot when I finished my exams Have you changed your mind”

“No, but now that youre wounded, youd be lucky if you were able to carry a sniper rifle, let alone deal with the effects of shooting it.”

“I hurt my right shoulder, but I still have my left shoulder.”

“A professional sniper needs both left and right hands.

You cant protect yourself with one hand.”

“Young Marshal, its not a good thing for you to be too protective of me.”

“Then you mean I should be ruthless toward my own woman Wouldnt that mean theres something wrong with me”

“You can be less protective without being ruthless.”

“Im not sure…”

“…” Yun Xi glanced at him, then looked at the black car that was driving up the mountain, and the topic came to an end.

A man wearing a military green jacket and black trousers got out of the car wearing a backpack and ran up to Mu Feichi.

“Boss, were you looking for me” The man stopped in front of Mu Feichi and looked at him respectfully and with courtesy.

“Its she who is looking for you, not me.” Mu Feichi nodded slightly and introduced him to Yun Xi.

“This is Feng Yi, the entertainment editor for the Mu Groups media company.

If you want something, just look for him.”

Feng Yi turned to look at the little girl standing next to Mu Feichi.

Although she looked young, he could tell that she was a real beauty, and, in one or two years, she would definitely be a femme fatale.

He had been in this industry for a long time and had seen so many young models and celebrities, and he was good at judging people.

From the pure yet determined look in her eyes, this little girl didnt look like those arrogant and willful wealthy heiresses.

Since she had been able to make the Master seek him out, it was obvious that she wasnt of ordinary status.

When he was about to ask who she was, Mu Feichis eyes shot daggers at him, warning him, “Stop looking at her!”

“All right…” Feng Yi smiled awkwardly and realized he didnt dare to do anything presumptuous.

“Hello, my name is Feng Yi.”

“Hello, Im Yun Xi.”

“If you need any help, please let me know, and I will do my best.”

Yun Xi nodded, then turned to look at the man who was still standing beside her.

“Young Marshal, are you going to stay here with us and listen”

“Is there anything I cant know”

“You probably wouldnt be interested in this kind of professional gossip.”

“Im not a person from another world.

Cant I occasionally live the life of ordinary people”

“Okay, then you stay by my side and dont say anything.

“…” His face with its astonished stare couldnt be concealed.

Feng Yi looked at the little girl beside him in surprise.

It was the first time he had ever seen someone dare to speak to the Young Marshal in that tone.

It was absolutely incredible.

If it had been anyone else, not only wouldnt they dare to verbally offend him, but they would wish to get any little bit of attention from him.

Yet her words seemed to be full of disdain for him.

How humiliating must that be for all those jealous individuals who didnt even get a chance to talk to him

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