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Chapter 668: Road of Eternal Doom

“Well, well, it seems as if you can speak nicely to your mother.” Liang Xiuqin chuckled smugly and shot a dirty look at Chen Lixue with her chin raised.

Yun Xi also took this opportunity to glance at Chen Lixue, who looked jealous, angry, and resentful.

She saw this as a perfect opportunity to ask Yun Yuanfengs opinion.

“Dad, dont you agree that Mom looks younger after changing her hairstyle Anyone who didnt know any better would think youd married a new wife.”

Although shed said this jokingly, she was trying to get across a double meaning.

She was not only praising Liang Xiuqin for looking young but also strengthening Yun Yuanfengs pride at his wifes youthful appearance.

As for what to say and when, she was a master.

Sure enough, Yun Yuanfeng was happy to hear what Yun Xi had said, but laughed awkwardly.

“Dont talk nonsense.

Officials cant afford such rumors spread about them.”

“Okay! I just got home.

Im going to take a bath and rest.

No need to call me for lunch.”

Yun Xi smiled to herself.

She was content.

The atmosphere in the living room was now extremely awkward.

Some people were feeling smug, and some were envious.

But all this really had nothing to do with her.

She was only the one whod set the fire, and she could run away after igniting it.

It had been several days, and the wound on her shoulder was slowly healing.

Although she could take care of herself, the act of taking off her clothes was still very painful.

Standing in front of the mirror, she looked at the wound on her shoulder and curled her lips into a mocking smile.

With this shot, she had let Liang Xinyi know that if she provoked her again, very likely all her efforts in the rest of her life would be in vain.

She took out some beef jerky from her drawer, turned on the computer, and sent another program to Grey Wolf.

In a sense, Grey Wolf was now her teacher.

However, Grey Wolf was unusually cold and aloof.

He didnt take a liking to anyone, but it wasnt only her.

He was strict and cold to everyone, including Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi had told her that Grey Wolf had inside information regarding the relationship details between all the families in Jingdu on file.

Although Grey Wolf was a hacker, he was also the person in charge of collecting intelligence for Mu Feichi.

If there was anything she needed to know, Grey Wolf was sure to have that information.

She wasnt sure if he would give it to her, but she had to at least ask him for access to it.

Her inquiry was quickly answered.

Grey Wolfs reply was as curt and no-nonsense as usual: “Wait just a minute.

Ill send it to you.”

After a while, she received the information that shed requested from Grey Wolf, and she opened it and perused it.

It was about the project that the Han family had been in charge of recently.

She closely examined the two projects that had been taken away from Han Zhongteng.

It had indeed been an enormous project.

Yun Xi didnt think it would be easy for the Han family to fix this loophole after the Spring Festival.

Although theyd cooperated with the Chen family before, the cooperation hadnt started yet and it takes time to make a profit.

At this time, if she set another trap for the Han family, the Han family was probably going to have a hard time during the first half of this year.

If Han Yaotian had to rob Peter to pay Paul in order to sustain the finances of the Han family, he was definitely going to be tempted to get involved in drug dealing.

This was the fastest money-making business.

Since the Han family had tasted the sweetness and the ease of making money this way, it would be impossible for them to give it up so easily.

Besides, Han Wanling was still connected to Crocodile, so Yun Xi was pretty sure that she would be able to drag her underwater too.

Then, when she opened another document, Yun Xi unexpectedly discovered that the Qiao family, who she had been paying attention to, had finally made its move.

According to her memories from her last life, the Qiao family indeed should have made its move around this time.

After her rebirth, she hadnt crossed paths with the Qiao family, so it had been impossible to disrupt any of the developments of their family.

Therefore, now when she saw that the Qiao family was beginning to emerge, she knew that she and Qiao Ximin were about to meet again.

Now, in her new reborn life, she was really interested to see what kind of person Qiao Ximin had become during this time when she hadnt had any contact with Qiao Ximins social circle.

In her last life, Qiao Ximin had met her when she was in college, and Qiao Ximin had never mentioned anything about her past to Yun Xi.

Now, however, Yun Xi was going to be able to participate in her past and hopefully derive a lot of pleasure doing it.

And, along the way, Yun Xi was going to drag Qiao Ximin down the road of eternal doom.

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