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Chapter 67: Obey Your Wife Unconditionally

From the challenge in her tone, he could tell she was up to no good.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

His thick eyelashes hid the deep emotions in his soulful eyes as he gazed at her with a bit of anticipation.

“Say it!” He put aside his coffee cup and waited distractedly.

“Here it is.

No matter what I say or do in the future, you cant interfere or seek to change my mind.

You must listen to me no matter whether I am right or wrong.

In short, you must listen to me about everything! If I dont agree with you, you cant be angry.

Otherwise, dont blame me for turning on you.”

It was impossible to keep him away from her.

With his temperament, the more she said something, the more hed do the exact opposite, and it would ruin her plans.

If she had the ability to do something, she couldnt delegate the task to someone else.

As long as he didnt meddle, there wouldnt be too many unexpected surprises that she wouldnt know how to deal with, and she could control the situation.

Upon hearing these conditions, Mu Feichi was not only annoyed, but also somewhat intrigued.

Some time ago, hed heard the Great Elder say, “One must obey the first lady.”

Although the wives of this country werent exactly formidable women, in private, even the Great Elder obeyed his wifes demands.

If the wife was right, one must listen.

If the wife was wrong, one must follow blindly.

Upon seeing this girl solemnly voice her demands today, he, for some inexplicable reason, remembered how strong-willed a wife was supposed to be in her marriage and love life.

Wasnt that an example of obeying her demands

All his life, his wife had been the only one who dared make him, Young Marshal Mu, obey unconditionally.

Even his father hadnt dared to demand things from him in such a manner, yet she had straightforwardly voiced them.

Now Yun Xi had brought up the same demands, and in a manner full of confidence.

Well, well, her mannerisms were just like the wife of the Mu familys controller.

This little rascal had started to appeal to him more and more.

“…” Seeing him staring straight at her, Yun Xi thought he looked displeased and felt somewhat anxious.

This was the only condition that she could think of that would be the most beneficial to herself.

As for the others, she could get by on her own without relying on him.

“Young Marshal Mu, this condition is very simple, you can do it!”

She raised her hand to caress his forehead and ended the discussion directly by showing that she wouldnt accept his refusal.

“Good boy, deciding so readily!”

“…” Young Marshal Mu hadnt even decided whether to agree or not, before he was confused by her patting him as if she were petting her dog.

The butler who was bringing the morning paper stood by the monitor and stared at Young Marshal Mu, who had always been aloof and haughty.

Upon seeing that he had been cajoled into being even so obedient to this young girl, he was dumbstruck.

Sure enough, this proved the legend that stated that everything had its vanquisher.

Yun Xi didnt care whether he agreed or not.

She decided to treat it as if hed agreed anyway.

Mu Feichis countenance seemed mirthful.

His gaze rested on her young, smooth, yet clever face.

Throughout his proficient career, he was used to being an excellent hunter.

Whether in the business world or balancing the situation in Kyoto, he always quietly ensured that everything was in his grasp.

Now, he suddenly had the urge to become a gardener.

He wanted to train her well and watch her grow through experiencing hardship.

And wait for the flower to bloom.

With these thoughts, he looked back into her eyes with an intense and complex emotion, and then his deep voice rang out, sounding more cheerful, “I havent even agreed yet, but it seems that youve decided for me.”

Yun Xi raised her head and bit her lips as she stared at him.

She knew that she had no chance of winning if she had to negotiate with him.

All that would result was boring exhaustion.

Seeing the crestfallen look on her face, Mu Feichi used his fork to grab a steamed shrimp dumpling, and then moved it toward her mouth with doting adoration in his eyes.

“…..” She pursed her lips.

If he didnt agree, then she wouldnt accept his goodwill.

“Okay, I agree!”

He really did have a soft spot in his heart for this girls little tantrums.

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes slightly, opened her mouth to bite, then turned her head to flash a dazzling smile at him.

In a calm and collected manner, she flashed him a gesture that signified okay.

For the first game, shed won!

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