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Chapter 670: VIP Status Was More Prestigious

Yun Xi went downstairs and glanced at the people in the living room.

Unsurprisingly, she saw that Yun Chuhan was just as anxious.

Mu Feichi would also be going to this banquet.

Yun Ziling might be unwilling to be a waiter, but Yun Chuhan would definitely accept it.

She was probably anxious as well, and she really wanted to participate too, didnt she

In her last life, Yun Chuhan was willing to do everything for Mu Feichi.

However, her face wasnt pretty enough.

She had undergone plastic surgery so many times that she couldnt remember how she looked like before.

In the end, her face looked so artificial that it was unbearable to look at.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she would just be dreaming of getting close to that god-like man.

“Grandpa, second aunt.” Yun Xi called out to Yao Ying, then turned around and walked towards her.

“Yun Xi, youre awake.

Let me tell you the good news.”

Yun Xi blinked questioningly, then approached her with a feigned curious look on her face.

“Whats the good news Is it that Haoze did well on the exam”

“His grades rank among the top three in the class every year, so Im not worried.

He is very sensible and obedient.”

When speaking of her precious son, Yao Yings face was full of contentment and happiness.

She could see the jealousy and disdain of Liang Xiuqin and Chen Lixue, who both had no sons.

“Thats good.

Boys of his age are now in the rebellious period, so its rare for Haoze to be so obedient.

My second aunt and second uncle raised him well! What about my second uncle Why isnt he here”

“Your second uncle made an appointment with a friend to play golf today, and he hasnt come back yet! And its thanks to you that his illness was cured.

Otherwise, how can he participate in these sort of activities”

Illnesses leave as slow as molasses in January.

Once her second uncle recovered from his illness, his friends invited him to more and more gatherings, and he was no longer behaving like a sick child.

As such, his life began to become more fulfilling.

Yun Xi felt very pleased.

This was the result that every doctor hoped to get.

Upon the mention of this, the old man chimed in, “Yun Xi, I heard that you have won an international prize As your grandpa, I feel so proud of you, especially in front of my chess friends.

And you even cured your second uncles illness.

What major and what school do you plan to choose for the college entrance examination”

“Grandpa, in terms of my major, it might be medical.

If I win in the finals of the biology competition this time, perhaps foreign universities will admit me as an exception.

But I still want to stay at Jing University in the country.

After all, its the best university in the country, and I dont want to be too far away from home, because I cant bear to part with you all.”

“Thats good to hear, but it all depends on your ambition.

Wherever you want to study, our family will support you.”

It was rare for the family to raise such an excellent child, so naturally her grandfather supported everything she wanted to take on.

Yun Xi nodded, then turned to look at her second aunt.

“What is the good news that the second aunt wanted to tell me”

Liang Xiuqin knew what Yao Ying was going to say as soon as she heard this conversation.

She didnt want Yun Xi to steal her opportunity, so she quickly interrupted before anyone else could speak”

“Its nothing youll be interested in.

Besides, if you go to that kind of place, Ill be worried that youll embarrass us!”

“What place” Yun Xi looked at Liang Xiuqin puzzledly, then deliberately playing dumb, she looked at her second aunt.

Liang Xiuqin wanted to say something else, but Yao Ying gave her a warning glare.

“Yun Xi is sensible and sophisticated, and even Old Madam Shen likes her, so why would it be embarrassing for her to go to such a place!”

“Second aunt, is it some sort of upper society event” Yun Xi asked.


The three prominent clans and the four distinguished families will be holding a banquet in our Yao family manor.

Those who will be there are all people such as the blue-blood families, business elites and government officials.

If you want to see the world and make connections, then you can go to the manor as an attendant to help and expand your network.”

“Oh what a coincidence! I just received a call from Grandpa Jiang.

He said that I was invited to attend as Jiang Henglins fiancée, so I dont need to be an attendant.

I can just go to the event.”

“Really Thats great!” Yao Ying was happy to hear this.

Initially, she was worried that Yun Xi might feel insulted by being a waiter, but it turned out that she had nothing to worry about.

Yun Xi not had VIP status, which was undoubtedly more prestigious than being an attendant.

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