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Chapter 671: Chapter 677: If He Doesnt Go, The Banquet Wont Be Fun

Liang Xiuqin hoped that Yun Xi wouldnt go to the event so the opportunity would go to Yun Ziling.

And right now, having heard what was going on, her face was filled with rage.

Yun Ziling would certainly be unwilling to be a waiter.

Even if she didnt mind being a waiter, she wouldnt be taken seriously in front of the high society crowd.

They would see her inferior status.

It was obvious that Liang Xiuqin hoped for only the best for Yun Ziling, so that in the future, she would be able to follow her in enjoying the glory and benefits.

But she didnt want this kind of benefit to be bestowed on the scourge, Yun Xi.

She had initially wanted to let Yun Ziling climb the social ladder through the Jiang family.

Now, because of this special case, that desire came out again.

“You may be the fiancée of Second Young Master Jiang, but lets be be honest… Second Young Master Jiang doesnt like you at all.

Compared to Ziling, who he goes shopping with and goes out playing with, when has he ever looked at you Even if you really want to go to the banquet, he certainly wouldnt want to take you there! Its better to give the opportunity to Ziling to go to the banquet.

Ziling has taken etiquette courses, so she knows how to behave in front of the upper society.

Unlike you, whos from the countryside and doesnt know anything.

Your dad will have the election soon next year.

What if you accidentally offend others!”

“How dare you say something like that! No matter what, Yun Xi is the fiancée chosen by the old man, Yun Ziling isnt! Even if Second Young Master Jiang doesnt like her, he will still marry her in the future!”

Yao Ying yelled contemptuously at Liang Xiuqin and was very disdainful towards her scheming thoughts.

“What era is this Marriage has been free for a long time, and he is the second young master of the Jiang family, so how can he not have the right to decide upon his own marriage”

“Thats not necessarily true.

Most marriages in wealthy families depend on mutual benefits, especially in large families.

You have to consider all aspects.

Do you think that Yun Ziling can marry into the Jiang family You think too highly of her!”

Liang Xiuqin so brazenly and shamelessly tried to steal Yun Xis status for Yun Ziling, and Yao Ying couldnt bear to watch this happen before her eyes.

“Thats enough! Both of you stop talking!” Yun Yuanfeng interrupted the conversation between the two and turned to look at Yun Xi.

He was actually concerned that Yun Xi wasnt aware of the etiquette of the upper society.

He feared that she would embarrass him.

Yet, he couldnt exactly give Yun Xis opportunity to Yun Ziling.

Such blatant favoritism would hurt her feelings.

Yun Xi saw her dads hesitance and noticed how conflicted he looked.

She immediately knew what he was thinking about.

He must be worried that she would embarrass him and that it would affect his career.

In his eyes, his own future was the only thing that mattered.

There would never be any so-called father-daughter affection between him and Yun Xi.

Everything he did was just for his own benefit!

So, before Yun Yuanfeng could continue with his words, Yun Xi had already started speaking.

“If this is the case, mom, you should call Second Young Master Jiang to pick up Yun Ziling instead.

However, for that to work, youll have to talk to him first.

We dont want him to act first and report later.

If that happens, then our family wont look good in front of Grandfather Jiang.”

“Of course, Ill call him and ask! Ziling, come upstairs with mom!”

Despite getting such a good opportunity, Liang Xiuqin wasnt grateful.

She took everything for granted.

Yun Ziling even walked in front of Yun Xi with her chin proudly raised like a victor.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows indifferently.

Just as her second aunt was about to say something, Yun Xi shook her head silently at her.

Anyone who looked at her would realize that Yun Xi wasnt a person who gave up so easily.

Naturally, she would do anything in her power to make sure that they returned what rightfully belonged to her, and they would pay for it twofold.

But more importantly, the tyrant Mu Feichi wouldnt let her attend the banquet with Jiang Henglin.

Otherwise, he wouldnt go!

If he doesnt go, the banquet wont be so fun!

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