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Chapter 673: Wont Put Himself In Too Bad Of A Situation

After dinner, Yun Xi sent her second aunt out.

She knew that she must have a lot of questions to ask her.

“Do you think that I was upset by Yun Zilings bullying and by Yun Chuhans taking advantage of this matter”

Standing by the car, Yun Xi squinted lightly.

She raised her hands to wrap the down jacket tighter against her body.

There was still light snow falling outside, and the dim light shone on the well-manicured landscape shrubs on the roadside.

It looked like rows of architectural art.

“I know that youre not the type of person to take things lying down, but they were simply too overbearing this time!”

“Its okay, second aunt.

Dont worry about me.

I know you want me to expand my network of connections so that I can prepare for the future.

But therell be other opportunities.

Yun Ziling is so anxious to be a female companion to Second Young Master Jiang, but what will Grandfather Jiang think If the Jiang family and the Yun family become tied by marriage by way of the oldest young madam, not the second young madam, then the Jiang family and the Yun family will suffer humiliation.

What will the guests think of Yun Ziling with her future brother-in-law In the higher society, is this kind of scandalous relationship still rare Its just that its never brought to the public.

Second aunt, you should understand what I mean, right”

When Yun Xi said this, Yao Ying reacted and nodded hurriedly.

“Thats right.

I hope that by that time, Yun Zilings training in socialite etiquette will be enough for her to deal with so many peoples contemptuous eyes!”

Yun Xi was right.

For these upper-class families, reputation was the most important thing, and they placed a lot of importance on their glamorous appearances.

This banquet was especially important, since the heirs of the three prominent clans would be present.

Since Yun Ziling was so desperate to bring shame to the Jiang family, they would probably find that they would be unable to defend themselves or save their precious reputation.

If Jiang Henglin hadnt dissed her, and was willing to go with her, perhaps she would have really given him face.

However, since he was using Yun Ziling to humiliate her now, he would have to bear the consequences himself.

Grandfather Jiang loved her, but his precious grandson seemed so desperate to dig how own grave.

So what was she to do

She hoped that when the time comes, Jiang Henglin wont find himself in too bad of a situation, otherwise, no one would be able to deal with this mess!


Once the commotion had subsided, Chen Lixue hurriedly pulled Liang Xinyi back into the room.

“Xinyi, did you hear what the second aunt said Jingdu and the entire countrys wealthy and powerful young masters will be at this banquet.

You have to take this opportunity! If you can woo even one of them, you will have all the glory and wealth you could ever want! Yun Xis fate is so bad that I dont believe any rich family will want her!”

Liang Xinyi was still a little scared of Yun Xi.

She still remembered how Han Zhongteng had hired to pay mercenaries to ambush her, but nothing came out of it.

She had promised her virginity to him as payment for this transaction.

This was her worst nightmare!

And what was the result Yun Xi behaved as if nothing had happened, and came back in perfect condition!

Liang Xinyi found it hard to believe that Yun Xi was blessed with such good luck again and again!

And who did Liang Xinyi have supporting her No one besides that perverted Han Zhongteng!

This time around, all the elite young masters of the upper class will be at the banquet.

If she could get the opportunity to get close to just one of them, maybe she could get rid of that perverted Han Zhongteng.

Who know, she might be able to live a fabulous life as a wealthy madam!

With this dream in mind, she clenched her fists and closed her eyes tightly.

“Mom, dont say anything.

I will find a way to get to the banquet!”

“Yes… are you going to find Young Master Han”

“Yes, Ill accompany him to the banquet, so I can have more opportunities!”

“Young Master Han is interested in you, and thats okay too.

The Han family is a wealthy family.”

“No! I want someone better! The heirs of the three prominent clans are still unmarried, including the Young Marshal himself! I want to be able to meet the Young Marshal, so that in the future…”

In the future, it wouldnt be difficult if she wants Yun Xi to die, and Liang Xiuqin to get kicked out of the Yun family!

Only the person at the top would have the supreme power to make that happen!

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