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Chapter 679: Change Into the Dress and Go with Me

As soon as Yun Xi got to the gates of the villa complex, the guard at the gate told her to go up to Tianyu Mountain right away.

Mu Feichis way of summoning people was really domineering, but there was nothing she could do about it.

She had to go up the mountain obediently.

As she arrived at the Mu familys Mansion, Yun Xi watched the figure playing with Great White through the car window.

Then she got out of the car.

Seeing her, Great White suddenly stopped playing and ran toward her.

“Great White!” Yun Xi raised her hands to grab him as he threw himself into her arms.

Ever since hed saved her in the reserve, she was more attentive toward him than ever.

He was a partner who would protect her, and she, for her part, would treat him well.

“Great White! Get down!” Mu Feichi called out, and Great White hurriedly got off Yun Xi.

Stepping forward, Mu Feichi took off his gloves and looked down at her.

“Why was Han Yaotian looking for you”

Yun Xi nodded.

Suddenly a little curious, she said, “Han Yaotian really wants to just bow down to you, why are you so disdainful toward him Although he wants to have a good relationship with you in order to gain more benefits, doesnt he seem a little too eager”

“The Han family is a business family, unlike the Chen family, which has a military and political background.

The Han family has a relatively deep foundation in the business world, but the familys status is fairly low.

The old man has a business background.

The businessmans cunning, unscrupulous, and scheming way of doing things isnt very reputable.

In Han Hongbins generation, with drug-trafficking, its become even more shady.

The Han family is eager to get along with me in order to use the opportunity to social climb with the Mu familys support.

But between the prominent clans and the distinguished families, there will always be a difference.

The Mu familys century-old foundation, whether its in terms of the military, politics, or business, is much more firm and established than theirs will ever be.

Naturally, no one really wants to work with them, but theyre just too shamelessly persistent.”

“I understand…” Yun Xi nodded.

She did understand.

The Han family had always been shameless and without a bottom line as long as shed known them.

“Han Yaotian asked me to ask you what you would like.

How are you going to respond I havent finished setting up the show yet.

Are you going to support me at all”

“I dont have any preferences.

You just choose anything you like.

I like everything you like.”

“…..” What was this

“Go, lets go into the house and try on the formal attire.” As he said this, he took her hand and led her inside.

“Huh Why are you dragging me inside when youre going to try on your formal attire I dont want to look at you.”

“Did I say I would show it to you” The man walking in front of her suddenly stopped, turned his head, and looked at her with amusement.

His eyes gradually became romantically ambiguous and deep.

“But if babe wants to see me that much, Ill take off my clothes and show you later.” After a pause, he didnt forget to add a particularly flirtatious sentence, “Just for you to see!”

“Young Marshal, you should just shut up.”

If it hadnt been for the ice and snow outside, she would have been burned to ashes by the fire he had just ignited.

Only after entering the room did she realize that Mu Feichi wasnt trying on formal attire himself, but wanted her to try on a dress.

“Im not going to the banquet.

Why should I try on a dress”

“You have set such a big trap, and the stage is all set.

Dont you want to see this good show in person”

Yun Xi blinked, but she didnt speak.

She wanted to go, but no matter how she went there, it would still be inappropriate.

She guessed she might as well just go answer directly.

“Hey, change into the dress and go with me.”

“No! If I go with you, tomorrow, everyone in Jingdu will know about your relationship with me, and I will become the target of all the women in Jingdu.

I dont want to acquire so many enemies.

It would be impossible to guard against all of them.”

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