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Chapter 684: He Was Simply Stupid

Han Yaotian was momentarily stunned.

He was completely surprised by the turn of events, but he was happy to see Han Zhongtengs misfortune.

He hadnt expected that the Old Master would ask his advice on the handling of this matter.

This clearly indicated that he was supposed to clean up the mess that Han Zhongteng had made.

However, he was flummoxed about how to deal with this kind of thing.

No matter what they did, it was useless.

The Old Master asking his opinion was just making things difficult for him.

“Grandpa, no matter how you deal with this matter, it wont work.

The media will not believe anything we say anyway, and the public wont believe it either.

Instead of wasting time and energy on denying this or making excuses, its better to hold the Weiya Banquet properly, and, if the banquet is held properly, they wont dare to say anything further.

And as long as we dont come out and clarify anything, theres nothing the outside world can do.

Without clarification, all these rumors will remain only speculation.

After this initial storm has passed, it will naturally die down.”

Although this kind of inaction wasnt a great idea, it was the only option they had in this case.

There was no other way.

Han Zhongteng had caused a lot of trouble, and in an especially heinous manner.

They couldnt make any excuses for his actions.

Although the Old Master was unwilling to solve the problem with inaction, he decided that he could only let the matter cool off a bit for now.

“How are the preparations going for the banquet”

“They are almost complete.

I just asked the Young Marshal and the other two leaders of the prominent clans what their preferences were in order to avoid any snafus.

There shouldnt be any big problems.”

“Thats good! After what has happened, the Han family cant make any more mistakes!”

“I know, Grandpa,” Han Yaotian responded respectfully.

As his gaze moved from his grandpa, he glanced at Han Zhongtengs contemptuous eyes and curled his lips mockingly.

It was bad enough that he had such a perverted fetish, but now hed made the entire Han family suffer humiliation because of him.

In his opinion, Han Zhongteng was simply stupid.

Yun Yuanfeng was still in a meeting.

After seeing the news in a newspaper and being questioned by colleagues at the office, he hurried home.

He had been wondering how Liang Xinyi had been able to establish ties with the Han family, but he definitely hadnt expected what was really going on.

How shameful!

After he got out of the car, it just so happened that the neighboring Auntie came out of her house and saw him, and she called out to him.

“Yuanfeng, your family has been really lively these days.

Your own child and other peoples children are really different.

They are all the same age, but look at how good Yun Xi is, then look at the guests in your family.

Theres a ruckus every two to three days, and everybody in the villa complex can hear the drama all the time.”

“…” Yun Yuanfengs facial expression suddenly became ugly, and he went inside without replying.

Yun Xi wasnt at home, and as soon as Yun Yuanfeng came home, Chen Lixue and Liang Xiuqin got into a huge argument over Liang Xinyi.

“Yuanfeng, you cant keep them in the Yun family anymore.

If this goes on, it will drag you down.

Moreover, this is such a big scandal.

Not only have we been humiliated, but the Han family has also suffered humiliation, so they definitely wont let that wretched girl off the hook.

What if you get dragged down when the time comes”

“No matter what, it will be Xinyi who suffers.

How can the Han family still have the face to trouble us If that occurs, we will sue them.

Xinyi is a minor, so we are still protected by the law.

Burning bridges wont be good for anyone.”

“Thats enough, dont say anything further.

Wheres Yun Xi Where did she go”

Usually, that girl had the most prudent ideas.

Regarding this matter, he was in a sensitive position, especially when facing Chen Lixue, so he didnt know what to say.

“She said to just ask you about this and have you make a decision.”

Of course Liang Xiuqin didnt want to wait for Yun Xi to come back and give Chen Lixue a chance to stay in the Yun familys house.

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