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Chapter 687: Innocently Implicated

As the New Year approached, Jingdu was taken over by a strong celebratory atmosphere.

Paper-cut and folded lanterns were hung on trees on both sides of the streets.

With red lanterns hanging high in all the treetops, a lively New Years vibe permeated the city.

As the New Year approached, the most popular social event was the annual banquet held by the rich and famous in Jingdu.

Especially after this years power to host the event had expanded from the three prominent families to include the four distinguished families, much attention was being paid to it.

Yun Xi had received a call from Chen Yichen, inviting her to be his companion, which had surprised her a bit.

“Eldest Heir, Im flattered, but Im afraid I cant be your companion at the banquet.”

If she dared to go to the banquet with Chen Yichen and the tyrant Mu Feichi did something crazy, she would become a sinner in the eyes of the three families.

“I know that Jiang Henglin has invited your younger sister simply as a way to diss you.

I just dont want you to be left out.”

“However, if I went with you, it would be the equivalent of the Chen family dissing the Jiang family, so it would make both families look bad.

Have you considered this, Eldest Heir”

“I realize that, but I dont care.

Yun Xi, if this marriage is used as a bargaining chip to hurt you, I can ask your mother to come forward and help you terminate the marriage contract.

After all, it was decided by the elders, and decided when you were young.

You will have your circle of friends in the future, so carrying such a marriage contract would always be unfair to you.”

No matter where she went in the future, she would be known as Jiang Henglins fiancee.

Even if Jiang Henglin womanized, it is she who will have to endure the rumors and gossip.

This isnt fair to her.

A girl with a kind heart like her deserves the best life.

“Eldest Heir, Jiang Henglin indeed wants to diss me, but he is also humiliating the Jiang family.”

“But you will always be innocently implicated.”

“Im okay, Im used to it.

The cancellation of the marriage contract requires the consent of both parents, so lets talk about it at some later time.”

Even if she was willing to, Yun Yuanfeng definitely wouldnt be willing to.

After all, claiming ties with a family like the Jiang family would be beneficial to him in the election.

He wouldnt be so stupid to give up such a good opportunity.

She didnt want to marry Jiang Henglin, and nobody could help her.

However, there was no way he could force her to do things she didnt want to do.

The night of the banquet was dazzling, and music was playing all over the bustling city.

The bright lights started in the central business district.

Yun Chuhan went to the winery to help early in the morning, and Yun Xi saw Liang Xiuqin taking Yun Ziling out to do her hair and makeup early in the morning.

Those who attended this banquet today were all the famous families of Jingdu.

If Yun Ziling didnt seize her opportunity, in the future, she would be done for in this social circle.

Unfortunately she was feeling so smug at this time that she had probably forgotten the rules of this social circle.

After receiving a gown from Mu Feichi, Yun Xi didnt even open the box to take a look at it.

She was confident in Ling Jings design skills.

Once she had opened it, she realized that this was an extraordinary gown.

The long mint gown was embroidered with traditional elements.

The style was very unique.

The long sleeves and one shoulder design allowed her to avoid frostbite when going out in such cold weather.

The neckline was embroidered with a deep layer of patterns, and, under the lights, different colors could be seen from different angles.

Below the waist was a lace and gauze skirt, which not only accentuated her slender waist, but also brought out an elegant sort of beauty.

When Ling Jing made a move, it was indeed a big deal!

She took out the dress, then glanced at a red brocade box that had been hidden in the corner of the dresss box.

It contained a beaded three-dimensional flower hair accessory made of turquoise jade.

It must have been prepared by Ling Jing for her.

She didnt think too much about it.

She put her hair in a bun and put the hair accessory in her hair, got up and went downstairs.

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